What’s been Going On?

When was my last post? I don’t remember. It’s been so crazy here, I’ve been lucky enough to turn on my laptop to check the weather and to read a chapter in the Bible before I go to bed.

Yesterday, the washer, dryer, cleaning supplies and clothing took up most of the kitchen as Mike fixed the floor in the washroom. The floor and lower wall had severe dry rot and the floor was actually resting on some steel braces instead of the wooden frame – which no longer existed.

I’m surprised that I didn’t fall through.

Now, the floor is fixed, the walls are painted, I was able to do laundry and clean where it was difficult to clean before. The kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen again.

So, now, I still have a million and one things to do before the baby is born, which may be any day. Yeah, as of last Tuesday, I’m at “term”, which means that I can now go into labor any time now.

I would panic, but I’m too tired…


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