I’m a happily married stay-at-home mom of five kids. It’s only a boring life in a sense that it’s free the of drama that you would find on network TV or on YouTube. Completely devoid of schoolyard fights that don’t happen on the schoolyard or between school children, random “hold my beer and watch this” activities, and temper tantrum throwing adults, I know I’ve put myself in a very small niche, but really, this is more for fun, then it is for attention.

Eventually, I’ll have blog pages for everyone in the family. This kids will probably just post their artwork and school adventures. I don’t know if Mike will keep up a blog, but you’ll see him a little in the videos that I will be posting.

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  1. Nancie, thanks for visiting my blog and pinging back to my post. I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog this morning. Best wishes on the birth of your sixth child! I wouldn’t call life with six children (or even five) “boring.” I have six children, too. What an adventure family life can be–even without drama! Enjoy, Nancie. Once again, thanks. Peg

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