Catching Up


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Monday, I pretty much crashed. In spite of the “day off” on Sunday, I was really exhausted and slept most of the day. Tuesday and Wednesday was pretty much catch-up in basic housework. I’m finding that in the last week of this pregnancy, I seem to be unable to be on my feet for more than 20 minutes at a time. So it’s taking me longer than usual to catch up from not cleaning on Monday.


Today, I plan on going through the books in the living room, but this is by no means an easy task. I would much rather keep all of my books. Unfortunately, we won’t have enough room, which means I can’t have everything I want.


Now, I’m going through the books, eliminating the ones that are redundant, and taking notes from some of the reference books that I only use for specific information. The rest are outdated, or contain information that I can find online or at a library (educational books come to mind).


Perhaps it for the best, though, as I’ve always wanted to exchange my physical books for digital.  Actually, I had planned to digitize all of my physical notes, drawings, journals, etc., etc.


Sometime next week, I will be taking photos of the furniture and items that I plan to eliminate. Family gets first dibs, then friends, but only if they can come and pick it up. After that, it goes into a yard sale. Leftovers, after a couple of weekends will be in a “Free Stuff” box on the curb, in which will end up on the garbage truck on Tuesday.  I hope that we can get rid of enough stuff that there won’t be anything left by then.


The yard sale isn’t until the first weekend of May. I really don’t have a whole lot of time.



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