Give us our Daily Bread… to stock up on?

Sunday Class Notes

Sunday Class Notes Taken This Morning, Sorry about my handwriting.

Today’s Sunday Class was interesting, it’s too bad class was short. We got hung up on “give us our daily bread part”.

I’m somewhat of a survivalist. I was on of those y2k nuts, at least until I was sure that companies did heed the warning and hired plenty of programmers to solve the problem.

One comment that got us talking was that there was only so much you can prepare for, but sometimes the inevitable happens. Then what?

Praying for your daily bread is probably all that you can do and trust God will provide it.

Note: There’s something to be said about being prepared. Mike had his savings and I had bought in bulk, allowing us to stockpile a little. It all came in handy when Mike wasn’t working anymore. However, I believe God had a hand in it. Mike was able to pick up random work that allowed us to pay our rent, and the current job that he has now came in the nick of time.

I still have a hard time letting go. It’s not that I should sit back and be lazy. It’s just that our funding (and space) is limited. I’m doing all that I can to NOT buy in quantities that would make the local food pantry jealous, or fret on the fact that we have no property to live off of in Texas, and trust that God will provide.

Freezer thaw

Empty freezer open with waterbottles in the door

All but three water bottles removed

It had been so humid here the last few days that the freezer had a huge build up of ice. So we emptied the freezer, putting the contents into a Styrofoam Cooler.




Freezer open, mike there with a towel

Mike drying out the last of the water


We got a package in the mail yesterday from my Mother-in-Law and it was full of T-Shirts.

I manage to get a few photos, but the shirts might come in handy for a new header pic. If I can get the photos on a plain background, it shouldn’t be that hard to edit. The next time I go shopping, I’ll see if we can pick up some poster board. More pics to come.

I keep saying that we are going to put the X-Box outside, but then one of the neighbor kids would play whenever he felt like it - even while we were still sleeping.

Benjamin Playing the Xbox







It's the reader's Digest. The kids actually fight on who gets to read it first.

Michala Reading







It took three tries for this "candid" shot. Poor kid, takes after her mother. Candid shots always have my eyes closed or mouth half open. I swear it's genetic!

Sarah is getting some Yogurt from the fridge


When School Is Out

Right now, the internet is slow – again. The RV park isn’t half full. What am I going to do when school is out?

I have been working on ways to make money online. I opened a new CafePress account for my Tech Blog, although it’s been more about Web Design lately. The problem is trying to upload the images. Apparently, if there’s any issue with the packets sent over the network, CafePress ignores it and I have to try again.

I’m sure I’m trying to do too much at once. It’s not helping. I’ve been wanting to start video blogging, but since my camera broke, I kind of lost interest. Don’t worry, I have a new one on the way, but it’s not going to be here until the end of March.

I do have my web cam, but I’m not interested in making a “sit down” blog. Just talking about my life isn’t as interesting as actually showing it.

I have my tech blog, and like I said, lately it’s been on software and web design. Until I have money to buy products to review,  the product review posts will be sparse.  Although, I have considered reviewing products that I’ve had for a while, after all, we all want to know how it holds out normal, everyday use.


p>I have a lot more to type about, but this post is already too long.

In One Day…

A lot has happened today, so much so, that I have no idea where to start.

First, we finally got a renter into the house, one that is going to eventually buy it, or at least that’s the plan. She already has the down payment, just is just waiting for the loan to be approved. She’ll move in March 1st.

Then Mike got a phone call… He got the job at Pepsico in Dallas. He was supposed to go to a second interview, but I guess he impressed them so much, they decided to skip the interview. It’ll be at least two more weeks before he starts, however. So we still have no steady income until then.

No problem, we used our last emergency fund to hold out until the end of March. With what the renter pays, the mortgage will be taken care of.

Sometime when all of this was unfolding, I injured my foot. Don’t ask how, as I’m still trying to figure that out myself, but there’s a nice gash on my heal. Mike did a good job in cleaning and wrapping it up.


p>Last but not least, everyone except Benjamin, the baby, and me went to see the “Son Of God” Prescreening. We couldn’t find a babysitter, so it was a little disappointing, but I got to rest my foot a little.

Well, except for the fact I had to take the dogs out. I may have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

What to do When your Luck is bad

Picture of the Sony HCR-HC3E Handycam, Front. ...

Picture of the Sony HCR-HC3E Handycam, Front. I took it using a Fujifilm FinePix S9500 (see the EXIF in the image). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m about to launch my video blog. I’m so excited, got the first minute of recording…

…And my camera dies. My Sony Handycam seemed to have bit the dust . It served me well, recording hundred of hours memories and failed blog attempts because I’m just too much of a perfectionist, at least when it comes to video editing. There’s always something that isn’t right.

However, it taught me more in its death than it’s life. I should have been less of a perfectionist.

That said, not all is lost. I told Sarah that there was good news and bad news. The good news, she just got herself a new 32GB SD card. The bad news: Most of the videos that go on it will probably be mine.

Unlike my Sony, the Fujifilm camera only can take 10 minute shots and the sound quality isn’t as good, but the videos are relatively the same size. I will still post a video tonight, but you’ll see (and hear) the difference, I’m sure.

I’ve edited the website: and added a donation button. I need a camera so I won’t be using Sarah’s all the time. It’ll be a start.

I’ll be changing the current video player to a YouTube player. Expect today’s daily up soon.

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