Moving Faster

100_0335In the last post, I said that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but it was far in the distance. Seriously, I barely see it, but I know it’s there.

So I decided to try to get to that light faster. So in an ambitious move, and by ambitious I mean in a desperate, crazy sort of way, I started this blog: $250,000 in ninety days.

For friends and family reading this post, I need your help. You will start to see more posts from that blog on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook and when you do, I ask that you share the links. I could use the traffic.

Selling an Idea

quirkylogoSo we have a couple of good ideas. The easiest way to get them out is to join a site like quirky. Unfortunately, I have to be able to make money in less than a month, so just submitting an idea is not good enough. It takes at least a month for the idea to make it past the evaluation stage. So, another opportunity is to comment and influence other people’s ideas. If an idea goes into production, I get a cut. The more I influence, the more influential I become. The more influential I become, the bigger the cut.

Interested? Click here: This is my referral link. If you happen to decide to buy something within the next 30 days, I get $5.00. Other than that I think I just get brownie points.  It’s free to sign up and to influence products, but it does cost $10.00 to submit an idea.

Idea #1 New category “Ads”

By law, I have to disclose whether or not I make any money from a link that I post on a product. I guess it’s to show potential bias for something. It’s more than likely to root out those who are paid cash to push a product. However, you know how the law works, even those who have the potential to make a few cents on a product that they were planning to share anyway, have to disclose that info.

I decided to just be blatant about it and create an “Ads” category. Most of the posts in this category are items that I already use and love already but some will actually be ads for affiliates. While I don’t think I’ll be a millionaire overnight doing this, it’s a start.