My Plans

Tonight I finally finish the new header for my blog, which will also show up on my Facebook and YouTube page. Tomorrow I add a video page to my WordPress. I will still be using YouTube for videos temporarily but I may just host everything on my own server, only using YouTube for montages and shorts.

This means that for the next few days, I won’t be posting much, not on my blog or on Facebook. sorry.

Russian Meteorite

I’m just happy that (as far as I know) no one was killed (see ABC News) and hopefully, the critically injured will recover.  Russia has a lot of open space, so we (in general) were pretty lucky.

What would have happened if it hit Tokyo, Beijing, Montreal, or New York?

Just a reminder: It is possible that today may be your last. Enjoy it. By the looks of the volunteers and the cooperation (see ABC News, again), Russians seem to taken that message quite well.

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