Why I am not Mad at God

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Mike and I moved here because we believe God wanted us here for a reason. It does seem odd that God would dangle a carrot (i.e. the right church, multiple job opportunities) then take that carrot away.

However, it’s the reason why we won’t move anywhere else.

I have complained about the little problems that keep cropping up. Seriously, if you look around, NONE of these problems are that big of a deal on their own.

When we got into that accident a while back, I thought that now would be a time to go onto GoFundme to see if I can raise the funds to replace our camper, or at the very least, have a vehicle to take us back to Texas.

I changed my mind when I saw some people surviving worse disasters like flooding and tornadoes, children dying of cancer, mothers who are dying, leaving a husband and small children behind, Fathers who died on duty, etc.

Yeah, my problems really do seem insignificant.

I know some will be thinking that we have no faith, or God must be mad at us (a.k.a. “Prosperity Gospel).

“Prosperity Gospel” for those of you who don’t know about all of the false belief systems that stem from Christianity, is based on the notion that if you have enough faith, or if you are good enough, you will be blessed with earthly riches.

I’ve seen people tear themselves down to the point of near suicide, (people I know who suffered problems with their finances, thanks to the recession in the 90s) because of this evil, EVIL gospel.

Did I mention that this gospel is evil?

What happened to John the Baptist, Paul, and John (who wrote Revelation) and all of the other apostles? Did they ever see worldly riches before they died? They all ended up dying prison or sentenced to death because of their faith. They did something they believe was what God wanted to them to do and ended up losing everything worldly.

Jesus himself was all about voluntary poverty. He even told the rich young ruler to sell everything and follow him. He praised a woman giving up what could have been her next meal when she donated her two coins. Too really make the point, the new Testament doesn’t mention Jesus’s income – if he had anything at all.

And that’s why I’m not angry with God. Frustrated? Yes. Overwhelmed? Well, it doesn’t take much for me to be overwhelmed anyway. I’m definitely curious to why we are like this. Why things like these small problems keep popping up to prevent us from getting a little ahead. We were so close to paying off our debt. Now we are back into the hole (so to speak). Mike said he would have no problem working low wage jobs if we could just pay off our credit cards.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against being rich. I still hope that someday I would have enough money to help people who end up in my predicament. However, I will never, never, assume it’s because I was “good” or that I had enough faith. That’s just stupidly dangerous.

This “Prosperity gospel” tears people down who cannot get ahead, due to economic problems, or just all around “bad luck”. It encourages arrogance to those who have it all. They can assume it’s because they have all the faith in the world and everyone who has less is below them. Why help out others if God is punishing the poor and sick for their lack of faith and/or good works.

I have yet to see them explain on how people like Trump, who was wasn’t a Christian before his presidency, had all the riches. Now that he said the sinner’s prayer (and maybe Baptized, don’t know didn’t keep track), suddenly it’s that God blessed him?

If you have anything to add, go ahead and comment below. My post is already long enough and beyond TL;DR so if you have any questions or think I missed anything, I can address it in another post.

Next post (Tuesday Thursday Eventually?) Small blessings – Why I still believe in God.

Note: This is supposed to be a blog based on family stuff. I have my new phone. I’ll be posting smaller posts on my family life more frequently between these longer rants.

Well, it finally happened.


“No one is more beautiful as intelligent as me”

Mike was fired again and this time it stuck. Apparently, “Fred”, his former manager tried to fire him before, but was too incompetent to even do that right.

From what Mike had described to me and from what I have found out (yes, I went there), he sounds like a classic case of a psychopath/sociopath.

We knew this for a long time and I tried to convince Mike to go to HR quite some time, but Mike is patient and doesn’t like to make a scene. Then, after he was fired the first time, er, I mean suspended… Er, I mean take a forced vacation (all according to “Fred”, by the way), he didn’t really care anymore and only stayed for the insurance.

The good news is that he gets a severance package that lasts for a month. So this will give us some time to find some work. I don’t doubt he’ll find a few electrical jobs in the next few weeks (ahem… anyone in Texas need some wiring done?). He does have his provisional license, finally.

The other good thing is that now I can blog about this unrestrained. I stopped short of a complete rant last time because for some reason, I had a feeling that it wasn’t over. Now it’s official – and yet, I’m too nice to mention this person by his real name.

This isn’t the first time someone like this has caused problems for a company. Mike had to deal with the same type in GE. Management in large companies like Pepsi and GE rely too heavily on office politics and flattery rather than quiet productivity. As a result, it’s a playground for sociopaths – psychopaths who try to weasel their way to the top. As a result, good workers lose their jobs and companies loses millions as these sociopaths try to cover for themselves though blame, undermining, sabotage, and blatant lies.

Usually, when you realize the person is doing all that I described, It’s too late. Many people have already lost their jobs, and some may have even committed suicide (this happened at the GE plant in Rutland.)

Now that “Fred” had been demoted to mere maintenance manager, the talented, already skilled crew are already looking for new jobs because he’s already giving them grief (that didn’t take long, did it?). This will cause the Pepsi plant in Mesquite to lose millions of dollars more in training and lost productivity. But it won’t be “Fred’s” fault. It’s never a psychopath’s fault.

Note: Before you say that it serves the company right, keep in mind that a psychopath is very good at keeping up the charade. Many of them know how to walk the walk and talk the talk but only . Even the most socially intelligent and competent manager can be fooled if they have never encountered one. Check these sites out:


This post is in the realm of “TLDR” so I’m breaking it down into parts. Stay tuned.

This week so far


The electrical technician came in this morning and finally got our power up and running. 

It was kind of difficult. We had to rotate though all of the power hogs. I would start the generator and plug in all of the rechargeable devices first, but I wouldn’t startcoffee maker for a half hour.

The fridge and freezer would take all of the power trying to catch up from being off for a few hours. Then the water heater would take all of the power, so for the most part, I would boil water for cleaning and dishes to save the trouble of running the generator for forty minutes, just for a few gallons of hot water. We did run it all day Saturday for showers.

The lights work just fine thanks to the fact that like all campers, the lights ran on battery… the very battery we just replaced a few months ago.

The lights would charge every time the generator was on, but I convinced the kids that we should use the lights only for emergencies.  They went to bed early. I guess this was a good thing, considering I would also go to bed early, as even time on my laptop was limited to battery power… and Ethan would use most of it.

Anyway, that particular crisis is over. On to the next one. This one may not be avoided, but I get into more details when I have more details.

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History Repeats itself–sort of.

(Alternative titles: “How your privacy really isn’t that private online” or “I wonder if this will make you paranoid”)

Incompetent people who has Dunning–Kruger

My mouse hovers over a name on a linkedin account. How on earth did he make it this far? I knew his name, and I knew where he worked, and now I know where he lives. I could do a background check. Some would even do some social engineering to find out what happened in last jobs. I’m not much into cold calling. I could check to see who worked with him and use Facebook to make some contacts.

Mike told me that there was a problem with lack of personal responsibility with his boss. When problems occur, he immediately points fingers at everyone else and tries to scapegoat everyone. Moral was down, efficiency was down,  a few supervisors already resigned, and  Mike himself was showing signs of stress.

Then two weeks ago, Mike told me that for some reason, his immediate boss at Pepsi started to harass him over petty stuff (which I won’t get into details here). Alarm bells went off and I said that it’s likely that they are going to try to fire him. He should talk to one of the higher-ups about it. He didn’t think his boss was that dumb, and I said (to the extent of) “If he’s harassing you over stuff like that, then it’s likely he’s fishing for a reason to fire you, regardless on how well you work.”

People like that have no real logic – like his previous boss was similar but didn’t harass him as much. I think GE didn’t care about that plant as much as Pepsi cares about this one. If GE had been breathing down the neck of his last boss to try to get his numbers up, It’s likely both him and his competent friend would have been fired sooner.

Pepsi on the other hand, was probably breathing down this guy’s neck and he is desperately trying to find scapegoats. Using every means necessary including coercing workers who have a lot to lose to appear as witnesses.  Apparently he thinks that firing the very people who could help solve the problems will make the problems go away, somehow.

Like I said, no real logic.

I highlighted the name on the page to do another search. I could find more information. Usually the wife (I knew he was married) has, statistically speaking, a Facebook page. It’s only a matter of using a “people search engine” to find her. It’s likely she doesn’t use her Facebook much but I could trace their friends. I suspect that it would only take me a few hours to go through them.

I move my cursor over to the tab I was on and center clicked. This closed the tab. As tempting as it was, what would I do with that information? The last boss I dug up a lot of info and decided not use it. Why? Because it’s not like me, I guess. I’m not much in destroying people’s lives,  How did he end up as number two over more qualified people in the plant? He was previously an IT manager. I didn’t look into it, but it’s likely that he had all kinds of “interesting” information on the people of importance who would suffer greatly if he wasn’t promoted.

What happened to that last guy? Mike’s friend finally quit and he had an exit interview. Let’s just say that soon after that, everyone involved were suddenly looking for an early retirement.

As for this one, you can’t fire competent people and expect everything to go well. After all, they were the ones who kept the plant running. They’re the ones who can solve the problems to make the plant more efficient. This guy will eventually be fired. Unfortunately, not before more people like Mike lose their jobs. There’s another one, Mike said. It’s likely she was fired or suspended as well.

Mike at the moment is “suspended”. Interestingly, This guy didn’t just fire him. It’s likely that he hasn’t coerced enough people to side with him and by suspending Mike he buys himself time to convince the plant director to fire him. At the same time, Mike won’t be able to defend himself, although he does have all the email addresses and the data necessary to make a decent case for him to stay.

It’s not like Mike wants the job back. I’ve never seen him happier, almost relieved. After all, who would want to work for someone who creates more problems than solves then blames you for them.

Unfortunately, things are already tight. He thinks he might already have a job in line, but we won’t find out for a couple of days. Unlike last time, we had about a years worth of savings. This time, we have about a month. Not sure what will happen if this job doesn’t pan out.

Goodbye Facebook-less friends

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Quite a few people had deleted their Facebook in the last month, some that I had enjoyed their posts.

Part of me is like “More power to you”
The other part: “WHAT THE HECK! WHY?!”

I have had my share of fits on Facebook, and yet, I haven’t deleted my account. Every time you post something, you add to the general knowledge of the world (keep that in mind when you post that kitten meme pic or nut shot video for the umpteenth time).

At least keep it for posterity?

It’s not like you really delete this stuff, anyway. I’m sure FB doesn’t get rid of all the info that you had posted. You know, just in case the NSA decides to make you a “person of interest” – you anti-government person, you.

Facebook gives you (last time I checked when Mike deleted his account), 14 days to change your mind. I usually wait to unfriend those accounts, but it’s likely that they won’t be coming back. So, I went through my FB friends and unfriended the deleted. Goodbye and I pray that life treats you well.

Give us our Daily Bread… to stock up on?

Sunday Class Notes

Sunday Class Notes Taken This Morning, Sorry about my handwriting.

Today’s Sunday Class was interesting, it’s too bad class was short. We got hung up on “give us our daily bread part”.

I’m somewhat of a survivalist. I was on of those y2k nuts, at least until I was sure that companies did heed the warning and hired plenty of programmers to solve the problem.

One comment that got us talking was that there was only so much you can prepare for, but sometimes the inevitable happens. Then what?

Praying for your daily bread is probably all that you can do and trust God will provide it.

Note: There’s something to be said about being prepared. Mike had his savings and I had bought in bulk, allowing us to stockpile a little. It all came in handy when Mike wasn’t working anymore. However, I believe God had a hand in it. Mike was able to pick up random work that allowed us to pay our rent, and the current job that he has now came in the nick of time.

I still have a hard time letting go. It’s not that I should sit back and be lazy. It’s just that our funding (and space) is limited. I’m doing all that I can to NOT buy in quantities that would make the local food pantry jealous, or fret on the fact that we have no property to live off of in Texas, and trust that God will provide.

Revamping my Focus

I’ve been focusing on updating the MOMETEK site recently and kind of neglecting my other sites. My problem is that I haven’t been focusing on any one thing lately and as a result, nothing is getting done, or it’s only done as “good enough”.

What made this more difficult, is the fact that for a couple of weeks, we had to share the antennae. This meant for most of the day, I couldn’t get online. If I managed to link with my internal Wi-Fi, the internet was unstable and very slow (think dialup).

I was lucky enough to load Google+.

Anyway, while I still will be posting here to let family and friends know what I’m up to, Nancie’s Web will be neglected as I finish the objectives with MOMETEK… as in finishing the new landing page and the new monthly guide for April.

Once that’s all set up, I will have my Personal site set up – again. This time instead of using flash, using CSS to accomplish roughly the same thing.

Hopefully, after that, I can finally focus on this WordPress template. I’m still not to crazy about it as I have found better ones, but the better ones require more “tweaking”.

This also means that I may not be able to post videos for a couple more days. Again.

I do have a lot to do online and a limited amount of time daily to do it. Here’s hoping for me to get my act together.


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When School Is Out

Right now, the internet is slow – again. The RV park isn’t half full. What am I going to do when school is out?

I have been working on ways to make money online. I opened a new CafePress account for my Tech Blog, although it’s been more about Web Design lately. The problem is trying to upload the images. Apparently, if there’s any issue with the packets sent over the network, CafePress ignores it and I have to try again.

I’m sure I’m trying to do too much at once. It’s not helping. I’ve been wanting to start video blogging, but since my camera broke, I kind of lost interest. Don’t worry, I have a new one on the way, but it’s not going to be here until the end of March.

I do have my web cam, but I’m not interested in making a “sit down” blog. Just talking about my life isn’t as interesting as actually showing it.

I have my tech blog, and like I said, lately it’s been on software and web design. Until I have money to buy products to review,  the product review posts will be sparse.  Although, I have considered reviewing products that I’ve had for a while, after all, we all want to know how it holds out normal, everyday use.


p>I have a lot more to type about, but this post is already too long.

What’s been Going on?

Snow in Athens Texas

Snow in Athens Texas

It’s been a while since I had been able to post. Lately, it’s been a little crazy here.

For those who know me, I meant crazy more than usual.

Ethan has had some stomach trouble. So he’s been clingy. Or he’s just getting older, so he’s been clingy. Whatever the reason, he has been clingy enough to make it difficult to get anything done.

Snow and ice on the Scion

An icy-type of snow

It has been very cold for Athens, I guess. Since this is my first year here, it’s normally not that big of a deal… if you live in a house. We now live in a camper, and even with the “arctic package” we still have to take every precaution necessary to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Well, we took every precaution but forgot one – antifreeze in the dump tanks. That’s kind of important as the next day, we couldn’t empty the galley. The pipes near the valve and the valve itself is frozen.

Mike covered the section of the camper with a tarp and plugged in the bathroom heater and pointed it at the pipe under the camper. Hopefully, the tank will thaw.

The good news, the “black tank” (toilet) and the “grey tank” (bathtub) are still working. So I put the hand soap on the side of the tub. We do not have to sacrifice hygiene, although it is warm enough to walk to the shower house if we have to.

We opted for a long-term lot, which puts us far away from any of the amenities. It seem much farther when it’s only 20°F out,  but it’s now 42°F.

Finally, I found an alternative to my broken camera. Unfortunately, it’s a point-and-shoot that only records 640 by 480 video.  It will be difficult as I will be mixing the videos for another video project.

At least now, I will be posting dailies again, but instead of montages, it’ll be single shots.

Alright, now that I rambled a bit, I’ll have to end here. For those of you who made it this far, thanks for reading. I’ll try to keep it short next time.

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In One Day…

A lot has happened today, so much so, that I have no idea where to start.

First, we finally got a renter into the house, one that is going to eventually buy it, or at least that’s the plan. She already has the down payment, just is just waiting for the loan to be approved. She’ll move in March 1st.

Then Mike got a phone call… He got the job at Pepsico in Dallas. He was supposed to go to a second interview, but I guess he impressed them so much, they decided to skip the interview. It’ll be at least two more weeks before he starts, however. So we still have no steady income until then.

No problem, we used our last emergency fund to hold out until the end of March. With what the renter pays, the mortgage will be taken care of.

Sometime when all of this was unfolding, I injured my foot. Don’t ask how, as I’m still trying to figure that out myself, but there’s a nice gash on my heal. Mike did a good job in cleaning and wrapping it up.


p>Last but not least, everyone except Benjamin, the baby, and me went to see the “Son Of God” Prescreening. We couldn’t find a babysitter, so it was a little disappointing, but I got to rest my foot a little.

Well, except for the fact I had to take the dogs out. I may have to wait until it comes out on DVD.