Today has been one of the most obnoxious days I’ve had in a while. First, my phone quits. I figured that some firmware update messed something up and I had to pull the battery to reset it. This has happened before. No problem, right?

I open the back, only to find the inside wet. How on earth did water get in there? Or was it baby spit? Ethan did get a hold of it earlier that day, and I thought I had grabbed it from him before he decided to taste test it.

Oh, well, I left it open and battery out until I was sure it was dry, and put it back together. It now works. Unfortunately, it was too late to make the phone calls I had planned on, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

I took plenty of videos today but due to internet problems the last few days, I hadn’t posted any dailies. I put my SD card in and decided that the card was filling to fast. I’ve been meaning to turn down the resolution as YouTube only needs 720p.

So I turn on Sarah’s Camera that I was borrowing and…


All that conscience effort of being extra careful seemed to be not enough. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how that happened. The phone, it was probably baby spit, but this? The only time this could have happened was when one of the kids had moved it on me. I don’t know, maybe tapped it against the table or something.

The camera works, but there’s no way I can change the settings now and it’s going to be difficult to see if I’m actually getting my target into the frame.

I’m not going to borrow Michala’s camera because I’m afraid that I might have the electronic touch of death at the moment. Hopefully it’s not permanent.

So far, my laptop still works. Thank God.


p>Maybe I should just go Amish.

What to do When your Luck is bad

Picture of the Sony HCR-HC3E Handycam, Front. ...

Picture of the Sony HCR-HC3E Handycam, Front. I took it using a Fujifilm FinePix S9500 (see the EXIF in the image). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m about to launch my video blog. I’m so excited, got the first minute of recording…

…And my camera dies. My Sony Handycam seemed to have bit the dust . It served me well, recording hundred of hours memories and failed blog attempts because I’m just too much of a perfectionist, at least when it comes to video editing. There’s always something that isn’t right.

However, it taught me more in its death than it’s life. I should have been less of a perfectionist.

That said, not all is lost. I told Sarah that there was good news and bad news. The good news, she just got herself a new 32GB SD card. The bad news: Most of the videos that go on it will probably be mine.

Unlike my Sony, the Fujifilm camera only can take 10 minute shots and the sound quality isn’t as good, but the videos are relatively the same size. I will still post a video tonight, but you’ll see (and hear) the difference, I’m sure.

I’ve edited the website: and added a donation button. I need a camera so I won’t be using Sarah’s all the time. It’ll be a start.

I’ll be changing the current video player to a YouTube player. Expect today’s daily up soon.

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Okay Glass, D’oh!

Image representing Google Glass as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

Timing is everything. Imagine my disappointment when I finally got an invite to purchase Google glass and join the explorer program. It cost $1500 for the glass itself and we are at a … well it’s a bit tight right now.


What a birthday present that would have been! How disappointing.



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Internet, Y U NO work?

Internet, Y U no WorkOkay, this is frustrating. As I type this, nothing is loading. At the moment, I’m using Windows Live writer which allows me to save offline so that eventually, I will be able to post this. As soon as Mike gets a job, I’m going to give everyone on my contact list a call to use up my minutes, then I’m switching to Boost Mobile. Some internet, no matter how slow it is, is better than none, and right now, I have none. Of course, when this is posted, it just means there was just enough of a connection to get some lines of text through.

Sticker (GAH!) Shock

shockedDecided to check out some universities for online course in Web Development. One particular sounds quite interesting and I would be all for it… except the $59,000 price tag for a BS. Yes, all materials included.

A far cry from the $3000 home course in Computer programming I took in ’96 that included a new and latest Desktop. My husband paid $13,000 for his on-campus experience.

What on earth happened?!

Bah… I’ll have to either find some way to fund it, or come up with my own courses. I definitely will not be going this semester as going into more debt is NOT going to help our situation out.

No Such Luck

So far Mike hasn’t found a job. We have one month of reserves left and the real estate agent doesn’t seem to motivated to sell our house. Unless either one of us (or both) finds some sort of income, bills will start to go unpaid.

I’m not saying this to complain or to ask for sympathy, but to state a problem that I do know that we can solve. I have a few ideas and I plan on blogging about them. What can I possibly do in one month? Definitely not rely on luck, that’s for sure.

(Not so) Affordable Health Care act

healthcare plansSo much for the “Affordable” in “Affordable care Act”.  Even with subsidies, it’s $512.29/month. NOT affordable. Mike *was* paying $300 for all of us through his employer.

FYI:  I  had to get this info from A website made by 3 twenty-year-olds. Since most people STILL can’t get past the glitches, I figured I would try this site out.  Keep in mind that this is an informative site only, but it is VERY informative.

News link that prompted this mini-rant:

Age Old Problem

Laundry equipment within a room

Laundry equipment within a room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had been trying to get the laundry room organized for quite some time. The problem is that the room is just off the kitchen and out of sight (as the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”). So I will work on it for a while, then forget about it when something a little more important comes up. Of course, something always comes up and today was no exception.

This morning, I set up Mike’s blog (I’ll wait until he actually posts something on it before linking). Then I decided to hunt for names for a web project that I had percolating for a while and learn a little more about Modx, which is a content management system (CMS) for websites. There’s a huge learning curve involved, so it’s taking me longer than I had hoped.

It seems that I’m trying to cram 4 years of college in a few weeks.

I have been taking a few videos of the ongoing project. So eventually, I’ll have my first video ready – soon. Perhaps as soon as Friday…

That is if something else doesn’t come up.

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Russian Meteorite

I’m just happy that (as far as I know) no one was killed (see ABC News) and hopefully, the critically injured will recover.  Russia has a lot of open space, so we (in general) were pretty lucky.

What would have happened if it hit Tokyo, Beijing, Montreal, or New York?

Just a reminder: It is possible that today may be your last. Enjoy it. By the looks of the volunteers and the cooperation (see ABC News, again), Russians seem to taken that message quite well.

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The Final Straw

English: Picture of notebook screen with Faceb...

English: Picture of notebook screen with Facebook and Firefox. Česky: Fotka notebooku s otevřeným Facebook v prohlížeči Firefox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook finally did it. I’ve dealt with enough glitches and this one was one too many. I’m usually a patient person, but there are some things I cannot stand.

For those of you who have seen my mini rant, (and for those who missed it but got to see this), I’m done with Facebook.  I’ll be on in a few days to start the process of deleting my account.

It isn’t just about the glitches as it takes a lot for me to finally give up on a company, in particularly one that has a lot of potential and can be quite useful. It’s the easily hijacked accounts, the censorship, and the uneasy feeling that too many websites require too much info from Facebook when you sign in.

The fact that you can’t have a pseudonym to sign onto other sites drives me crazy. I don’t troll people (as some would assume that would be why someone wouldn’t want to be known), but it would be nice if my entire name didn’t appear on every single post.

In fact, “Nancie” would suffice for me, but there are many people, who aren’t comfortable with using their full name, posting some common sense on a controversial site. Controversial sites are notorious for people who completely go berserk when someone disagrees with them.  If you have never been on a Controversial site, just go read some news sites on some controversial stories.

Keep in mind; this is not limited to only one side of the controversy. I’ve seen crazies on both sides of the fence – as well as those who stand ON the fence or want to eliminate the fence altogether. There are times you do not want the link to your Facebook account visible.

Then there are the glitches. Under normal circumstances, glitches aren’t that troublesome. They’re more like a pebble in your sandal. If you are having a decent day, you just shake it out and move on. If you have had a rotten day, chances are, if you curse, that would be the time you would probably eliminate all non-offensive words from your vocabulary. You would probably consider swearing off Sandals altogether.

Well, I’ve been “glitched” into finally abandoning Facebook. For some reason, I could not close the Facebook tab.  Facebook is the only time I have the problem. I know it doesn’t seem much (pebble in a sandal), but other problems have been occurring that has been grating on my nerves. Besides the privacy issue I had mentioned above, I have a problem on how they handle changes, as countless of times I had to reset my privacy settings to exclude a certain group of people from some personal information, only to give up as they’ll probably find a way to get it anyway.

Just a FYI: Don’t be too paranoid if you think you were part of “a certain group of people”.  The “certain group of people” was just a group I would put random new friends in, at least until I was sure that they weren’t trolls.  No matter, I no longer have that policy.

Then some people I know had been deny access to their own Facebook page – for posting their opinion. While I hold libertarian philosophies, including the right to do what you want with your own property, I also have a right to object to such things. Facebook technically has a right to censor what anyone posts and to delete your account without any notice. I also have a right to not to do business with them.

Actually, because of the fact that the censorship was happening and they decided to claim your property as their own (Facebook has changed the ownership policy, I think), I had already started to limit my time and what I post on there.

The glitch finally put the last nail in that coffin.

So now, my communication is here. If you want to know what is happening in my life, this is where to check. I will be blogging more frequently and I will have the kids join in from time to time.

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