Goals: Meal Planning (part 2)

MealsInOneNoteIn my last post, I’ve talked about meal planning. Well, at the last minute on Sunday, I manage to get a meal list done using Microsoft One Note. I like using One Note because it allows me to create an object for each meal.

This allows me to move objects or a text group around the page (you can see the “Saturday” group highlighted). When I start meal planning for the rest of the day (aside from just lunch), it will be easier to change around meals to the appropriate days.

You are probably wondering why Saturday is still empty. It’s because Saturday is the experiment day, where I try a new meal. If the kids like it, then it replaces another meal during the week to add some variety. It not only allows me some creative opportunity (or a day to get rid of leftovers), it also allows an opportunity for the girls to try something new, as they like to cook.

DSC00250The girls enjoy cooking and baking, especially when they get to pick out the meals themselves. Having a defined day, will not only make it easier for the girls to get a chance in the kitchen, but it will probably make cleanup a little easier, as the time it takes to plan a meal will be take out of the equation.

Today, I will inquire of the girls on what they want to make on Saturday with one caveat: They have to pick from one of the grain-free books that I have or from thefoodee.com. That should keep them busy all day.


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