Cleaning time

It rained twice in the last two weeks. This is less than it had been raining in the prior months – which happened to be every day.

So finally, I’ve been cleaning outside on the deck. After all of the rain, it was a mess. Inside was no better. 8 people crammed in a metal tube on wheels does make it difficult to keep up. There was almost no space to maneuver.

This has explained my absence in the last few months. I’ve been so busy trying not to let inside get too trashed and keeping the kids from going stir crazy, that I haven’t had much time for blogging.

Well, actually, the real reason is because I haven’t made it into a routine. I say I’ll post, but there’s always something else to do.

So, no more excuses (perhaps I’ve said it before?), I will make it a point to post something every night – even if it’s just a quote or a simple photo.

Just to prove that mean it this time, here’s a photo of a lizard:

Lizard - Well, I can't describe it unfortunately

Yessssss. Excellent! Courtesy of (