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The Tower of Dreams holds all the knowledge, wisdom, history, and insights of the fairies race. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreams have a way of slapping you in the face with your own anxieties and fears.

Last night, I had a school dream. I haven’t had one in quiet some time and they usually show up when my ADHD symptoms are causing problems.

Typically they revolve around homework, missed classes, and getting lost in the halls. I would put what I need in my folder, go to the first class, open the folder for the homework I need… and it wouldn’t be there.  No matter where I looked, I would not be able to find it.

Then I would try to go to the next class. This time, I knew it was “Math 2” but I couldn’t find the itinerary that would have let me know in which classroom it was, who the teacher was, and how to get there.   Fortunately, it was a non-required adult school (or something like that), so I started to go through my head (still in the dream) that I’ll probably not show up tomorrow and eventually give it up altogether.

Nah, better see if I can get help from the principle. I walk over to the administration office and saw that she was trying to make popcorn in a machine that was also used for cotton candy.

My oldest son was supposed to clean it, but didn’t do a good job, so it caught fire.  I helped her to stop the spread, but some of the flame was still on her hands and she wiped it onto a towel, which also caught fire. She went to get some water, and poured it in the wrong spot.

A little annoyed, I had her give me the water so that I can put it out. I almost pour it in the same spot, but stopped myself and poured it on the right spot, the fire now out.

So I called my son, and told him he needed to come back and fix the problem, but lost connection. I asked the woman in the office where he was, and she said that he was at the YMCA.

I figured I would go out there to get him, but then I saw a YouTube video of Nathan getting shot in the head by some teenager.

I checked the video for the posting time, but it was posted “tonight”, which was odd, so at first I thought it was a hoax.

Then I realized I was dreaming. When my dreams become lucid and they’re nightmarish… I try to change them, but for some reason, I just had to wake up.


Of course, when I get these kinds of dreams and they’re not resolved in the dream itself, I can’t go back to sleep. So now, I’ll have this distraction all day, even though I know it was only a dream.



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