Don’t do this at Home – Especially if it’s Mobile.

It took a while for us to get it here. For some reason, the Auto park wouldn’t release the brakes. For those who were as clueless as we were when we first saw the light on the dash after realizing we weren’t going anywhere, I’ll save you the hours of researching. It’s like a fail-safe for the parking brake. On normal cars, you have the regular brake and the parking brake. The auto park turns on the parking brake as soon as you shut the engine off.

This supposedly is for those people who refuse to use the parking brake. You shouldn’t rely to heavily on the engine as the brake, as it allows to vehicle to rock. What’s more, the engine brake isn’t as good when it comes to heavier vehicles and sometimes it will not work.

We found this out just before we headed out to Massachusetts when Mike put it in park and when to the side door to see if he could check if he was too close to the garage. The motor home started to roll back and both Michala and I yelled for him and he got back to the driver’s seat to stop it with the parking brake.

We have to re-enable it soon. It would be interesting to see if the problem we’ve had with the batteries is what caused the auto park not to release. So first thing we will be fixing is the electrical system. Then try reconnecting the auto park, because it wouldn’t be too pleasant if we lost our home again, this time to a mishap due to an easily preventable human error.

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