Getting everyone involved

business card

business card (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I have decided to try to convince the family to start contributing to the blogs.  So I set up user accounts for them and let them know how wonderful it would be if they put in their two cents (or photos, or videos) once in a while.

Do you see any posts from them yet? Of course, you haven’t. It’s been a few days, and as excited as they were when I mention it to them, they have yet to post anything.

I haven’t exactly been encouraging them either, as I have been trying to work on getting a calendar set up on the church website. Who knew that it would be so difficult in finding the right calendar for something as basic as setting events up for a very small church?

Then the older modem flaked out too much. We finally had that replaced. It’s about time, as the six-year-old modem kept cutting out on us. That’s right, six years, which is ancient in tech years.

My husband also is working to start his own side business as an Electrician and I have been working on his website. It’s just a “business card” site at the time of this post as I just made a placeholder. Since I have to relearn Web design (HTML5 and CSS3), it’s taking me a bit longer than it should to produce a site.

So, now that the dust is settling again – sort of, perhaps you will start seeing more posts here, and not all from me.

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