Goals: Meal Planning (part 3)

A raw top Rump steak or Round Steak - the base...

A raw top Rump steak or Round Steak – the base steak from which the popeseye steak is cut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are into the second week of meal planning and I figured out a flaw in my plan: Sundays. Every Sunday, we usually eat at my parent’s house or at a potluck with the Church. There are those exceptions, like last Sunday, where one of the kids gets sick and we don’t stay beyond the service. Sometimes Mike or I will stay home with the sick kid, and the other will take the others and then come straight home.

I usually don’t have any meals planned for that day, so I pretty much “wing it”. The downside is that we always have leftovers, which we have on Monday, which throws the entire week off.  Without Spaghetti on Monday, there’s no Chili on Tuesday. The sauce that my husband makes is usually more than enough for Spaghetti on Monday and for Chili on Tuesday.

So, instead of Spaghetti yesterday, we had leftovers from Sunday and today, I dug out a chicken from the chest freezer and put that in the oven. It wasn’t done by lunch, so I made the kids peanut butter and jelly in wheat wraps. I had a couple of eggs and some raisins. Everyone was eating the chicken when I got back from curves.

Another problem that came up, but I actually planned for was running out of a specific item. We buy in bulk in just about everything. No sooner than I had posted the last meal planning post, my husband had informed me that we were out of steak and we are due for a cow in February.

I went to thefoodee.com and found “Sexy-time Meatloaf”. Regardless of what it sounds like, there’s no porn (or half-naked women) involved. The link to the actual recipe has a few rated-R words, but that’s about it. The recipe is pretty basic, but sometimes the simplest of recipes happen to be the best.

It now replaces the Steak on Wednesdays, at least until we fill our freezer again. As it turns out, we have plenty of ground beef left.

As for Sundays, I haven’t quite figured out what to do yet, except I better have some extra freezer containers next time if I want to keep the schedule.

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