Harrowing weeks

hospital-484848_1280I watch Mike on the computer. For about more than weeks, he showed no interest in getting on (unusual for him). There was a time he kind of forced himself on to check bills, but other than that, he stayed in bed.

This was unusual for him. I don’t know how many times he had been sick, and yet manages to tough it out for online time. Actually, I don’t recall when he didn’t tough it out for work.

As a matter of fact, when he was first sick, it seemed to be a typical stomach virus. He couldn’t be more than 10 feet away from the bathroom, but he decided to stay at work anyway. We weren’t sure what caused it. The kids had a form of stomach bug in the earlier weeks, but nothing like this. The timing of the illness seemed to point to food poisoning.

I’ve had problems with the freezer in the past where someone didn’t close it properly and everything near the door thawed, so I suspected the same thing happened might have happened again, only no one told me about it.

He continued to go to work, mentioning that he felt “stopped up”. Wednesday morning he came home sooner than usual. His energy levels had plummeted and he still couldn’t eat anything. I was a bit concerned, but Mike didn’t seem to worried about it.

Thursday morning, he was severely constipated. I take Nathan and Ethan to town to pick up some over the counter treatments. When I got back, he was in a lot of pain and quite pale. The treatments worked, however, and we figured that when he starts his new schedule, he should be able to go back to work

Saturday, I dropped off the three oldest at church so that they can go to camp. I had to take the three youngest with me, as Mike was too sick to watch them.

He started to complain about sever cramping in his smaller intestine thinking that he might be still constipated. I mention going to the hospital, but he said if it was just constipation, we may be stuck with a $15,000 bill. Yeah, if it’s not life or death, the insurance company won’t cover it (rant for another time). He didn’t have a doctor, and all walk-ins, including “prompt care” facilities are closed on the weekends.

He was still coherent and he seemed to be hydrated. So we did abdominal massages, and he slept most of the day.

Saturday night he didn’t get worse, nor did he get better. I told him Sunday morning that if there’s no improvement by the time I got back from Church, we are going to the hospital anyway. And I took the three youngest to church.

I was talking to someone in Nursery, and she said that there was a nasty stomach virus that has been going around. It took her over a week to recover, and her mother took six weeks.

I received a text from Mike, right after Sunday classes and just before Sunday service started. The blockage moved and he’s actually feeling hungry.

Relieved, after church services, I texted Mike to find out what he wanted while I went shopping.

Berries, cantaloupe, maybe a vegetable smoothie.

I grab that, along with sandwich supplies for the kids and head home.

Mike manage to eat a little, only to complain now that he was feeling way too full and way too tired. So he went to bed.

Monday, morning, he had absolutely no energy. I called a gastrointestinal specialist and set up an appointment. To whoever cancelled that day, for whatever reason, thank you. The next available appointment wasn’t until August and it wouldn’t have been likely that we would have gotten him in that day otherwise.

The specialist sends him to the hospital for some tests. Mike has been suffering for more than a week and was understandably frustrated. He gets the tests done and we go home, where he sleeps, pretty much all day.

Tuesday, he was still complaining about the full feeling, I call a general practitioner to make another appointment. Up to this point, Mike didn’t have an official doctor. We figured it would be a good idea to get one now – that and Mike was obviously worn out.

We go to the specialist to see if the lab work was done, then head off to his appointment with the general practitioner.

When he gets out, he seems to be in a better mood. When I asked, he said he was feeling a little better and it turns out that his blood work is fine. As far as they could tell, if he had food poisoning, it was no longer in his system (definitely not botulism).

Wednesday, we stayed home. Ethan has not been sleeping well at all and his schedule had been messed up since the previous Saturday. I do my best to clean, in spite of the fact that I have no help with the baby. Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I manage to finally re-organize outside since Ethan preferred to be outside.

Inside, not so much. I manage to catch up with dishes. There were four less people bringing in dishes, including Mike, who only drank a lot of “Eater’s Digest Tea” and water, as both doctors told him to stick to clear liquids for the next couple of days (tea was okay) in case he had to be rushed in. Apparently, the 25 lbs he had lost in almost two weeks wasn’t alarming to them.

Since Ethan rather be outside, I was mostly outside with him.

Thursday, Mike sleeps most of the day. He’s no longer complaining about being in pain, but he does have problems with pressure. Still continues to drink tea and water.

Friday, Mike is actually up for more than a few minutes. He zones out on the couch before drinking some more tea. He makes it a point to use the step stool for a few minutes for exercise. Then he goes back to bed.

Saturday, he goes down the steps to sit outside. He stays outside for a total of five minutes, complaining that he wasted all of his energy swatting flies. I take the three youngest out to the church to pick up the others from camp.

I took the kids to Church on Sunday. Mike said that he was craving cucumber salad. It was an odd craving, so I decided that there may be a reason. Picked up some cucumbers, sour cream, and celery, along with the usual Sunday stuff. He ate that, then later had a piece of bread with honey.

Monday, he had slowly made his way down the steps to sit out in the sun. After an hour, he gets up to go to bed, but there’s something different – he no longer seems frail. Right then, I knew he was going to be okay.

He went to work last night, and it was the first time in a while since he seemed “normal”. He has to work tonight and he has no doubt that he will be going.

He is due to a CT scan on the 28th. It may be a moot point, but maybe it is better to check to make sure everything is working okay.

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