How to Attract Attention to Your Blog

You clicked, didn’t you? So it worked.

I’ve always wondered if anyone, besides my in-laws, (Mom has been busy sewing), actually read my blogs. I do get quite a few hits on the MOMËTEK blog, 

I also have my book blog which I just started, but I haven’t posted to in a while. I do have a couple more posts lately, but because of LTC, I had been quite busy. Throw In some colds and bad internet, you could see that it has been difficult to get a post in.

There is also something else, that would have made everything else and blogging so much more doable.

I’m not that efficient. I thought I was, but after living in a camper for almost 2 years, I realize that I was certainly over confident. Talk about learning some humility.

So the next couple of days, you won’t hear from me. I will be making a couple more posts this morning, and then I won’t be online.

Sunday, I’ll try to get some videos up, you know the ones I promised last week?

Other than that I won’t be on until Monday.

As for getting attention, I’m not sure, but supposedly “How to…” and titles that insulate that you have information “you should see” works. You did click o. this link, didn’t you?

Also, post more often than I do. That way people don’t get bored or tired of waiting and go somewhere else.

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