It’s a start.

It appears that a new waypoint is going to be installed at the park, but I don’t think it will completely solve our internet problem. It will allow all of our devices to connect easily, but I suspect it’s more of a bandwidth problem.

Right now, I can ping every site via the command prompt, but none of the same sites will load through the browser. Adobe cloud… works just fine. Steam on the other hand is offline. It’s as if it didn’t even try.

The internet does seem to work better in the morning, so I may have to change my schedule. I don’t usually like going on in the morning as it seems that for the rest of the day I’m distracted by it. However, it may be the only way I will be able to achieve some goals I have set for myself – including blogging on a daily basis.

At the moment, I’m using my phone again. The internet isn’t working – again (apologies for Autocorrect words). If I start to blog in the morning, it will be about the day before. Hopefully, no one will be too confused.

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