It’s Sunday Again


Ethan eating yogurt for Breakfast. He needs a haircut.

It has been crazy the past few weeks as we settle in. We are a lot closer to church and to school, so it’s a bit easier in that regards.

However, other than the beaches I have been to, I have never seen so much sand. My poor vacuum cleaner fills up quickly just by the door.

We hope that some sort of deck will fix that.

I had to stay home today with Stephanie for what I hope is the last person sick. I was sick earlier in the week. Sarah seems to be finishing up as well.

Mike is looking into materials for a storage shed that will include a washer and dryer, shower and an extra toilet. He’s also been busy trying to get his electrician’s license for the state of Texas.

I finally downloaded some videos through Udemy so I can continue my courses.

The kids are playing with the neighbor kids. Nathan made friends with the kids next door and they play Xbox once in a while.

So there you have it. It’s not everything but it is our last week in a nutshell. There is more to come.