More Random News

Oh, yeah, I still have this blog.

I did something to my personal website and now there’s nothing there, well except some text saying that there’s nothing there.

Note to self: Don’t click on random check boxes, just to see what happens.

I have to do a new layout anyway and I had procrastinated way too long.

————In other news, Mike is finally starting his job this Monday. For at least this week and the next, he will be working Monday-Friday. After, it will be Wednesday-Saturday. Only four days a week. Unfortunately, that is just the “base” hours. It’s a salaried job (Supervisor) and it’s likely that he’ll have to work overtime- without overtime pay.

At the end of the year, he’ll get a bonus, but I’m not sure if it will compensate for the overtime he might be working, but we will find out soon.

Ethan is still reluctant to take his first few steps. He’s still content to crawl around, although he is starting to climb. We now have to make sure that the step stool is put away or he’ll climb up it and grab whatever is in reach.

Nathan has been trying to do a gaming video with his uncle for quite some time now. Unfortunately my brother’s schedule and our steady internet connection don’t seem to agree to work together.

Sarah has been doing stick figure animations, but I can’t convince her to post to her blog. Actually, I’ve been trying to get the three oldest to post to their blog, but they have been playing “Spore” instead.

Eventually, they’ll start posting. I’ve considered allowing them to use my laptop just for that purpose.

Nathan, Michala, and Sarah are all going to “Bible Bowl” in Dallas in just a few weeks.

So, it’s been busy, as usual. I’ll try to post more often, but actually timing my breaks when the internet works has also been difficult.