More updates (not MOMETEK related)

It has been crazy the last few months. Every time I finally finish up a post, things would change, rendering the post moot.

Udemy was having a “Black Friday” sale where all courses were $10 each, so I signed up to 4 of them. Two courses are on Modx, which some of my websites have installed. One was for the kids on Scratch, a block editor created by MIT. One is on Android Studio. At the same time, I am taking a course in JAVA on SoloLearn (free).

But, that’s not all of what I’m doing. It’s the holidays, and the kids were in a skit for last Sunday. Mike has been gone a lot with working practically two jobs. The two older kids are prepping to go to a private school this winter, thanks to all of the voluntary work that they did.

We may be getting some property before this year is out. During Christmas break, we are going to check it out. If it’s what we want, we’ll be putting a storage shed on it, but we won’t be able to move onto it until after we put in the infrastructure (as in water, sewer, etc). At least we can move the stuff we don’t need in the immediate moment (but will need later) into that shed.

Meanwhile, we are still in the camper after two years – two years in a tin can on wheels that wasn’t meant to be lived in for a for more than a few weekends a year. So we have a lot of repairs due to wear and tear.

Anyway, there’s more that might be going on, which I’m not going to post on until I’m sure that it’s going to happen.