Moving on…

Lazzy Feet on a Blue Ocean Beach vacation

Lazzy Feet on a Blue Ocean Beach vacation (Photo credit:

Mike and I have been talking about our options.  We have saved enough to live for more than 10 months without any assistance and thought it was high time to take a “mini retirement” (a.k.a “extended vacation”) while considering what to do next.

We have a few ideas already percolating, including a home business, income through online means, and just doing odd jobs. Our goal in the end is to travel the US and then eventually travel the world.

I have a few ideas I have been working on myself.  Something I should have been doing a while ago, but a steady income has made it easy to put it off until “tomorrow” or next week, or when everything is in the right order and the stars align.

Well, I can’t put it off anymore. It’s time to act… tomorrow.


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