My New Phone


Mike's phone on the left (same as mine), Michala's on the right (same as Nathan's)

Mike and I went shopping today. The two oldest needed a phone and Mike really wanted to replace his old phone. The two oldest kids needed phones for school (yes, it got to that point), and I needed a decent phone to do most of my blogging, research, and home courses.

So we got two LG Powers for the kids and two ZTE quartz.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly technology improves relative to the price. The LG phones are $10 cheaper than my LG fire, and yet it has many more features, including a larger screen, front facing camera, and a flash.

I still have my old phone. I will be using it as a house phone. Since these new phones will be used in lieu of internet service, which usually includes phone line, I won’t have something for Sarah to use when she decides to stay home when I drive the other kids to their many activities.

So for family members and a few in-person friends, I’ll be calling or texting in the next few days. They can keep my old number as it’s still valid, but if they want to get a hold of me, it’s likely they’ll have more success if they call my new number.

I have no complaints. I just finished blogging from this phone.