My Own Lesson – Part 1

I have been a bit tame this political season. The people who look like that are going to win are not good for the country, period. Last primary I was humbled by the fact that no matter what facts you have to present, people would rather believe the lies that have been ingrained in our society for years rather than take a stand to make a difference. They refuse to stand out, because since no one making an effort, their effort would be either wasted or worse, the cause of the problem.

Is it no wonder that Jesus called us sheep?

I’ve done some serious soul searching the last couple of years and realize, it’s not likely we’ll change the country unless we can change ourselves, then influence the the people around us to do what is right. Set the example of what we are supposed to be. Then as people see how we act in a positive way, they will want to emulate us.

Jesus knew that. That’s why he never told his disciples to get involved in politics. Instead, he told them to go out and preach the gospel, to love one another, and to love our enemies. Think about it. Go and read the New Testament. Watch how he treated the Pharisees who were the pinnacle of righteousness (on the surface, they knew the law and “followed it to the t”). Then watch how he treated sinners.

We do have so many problems in this society and it’s not feminism’s fault. It’s not Obama’s/Bush’s fault. It’s not the liberals or conservatives. It’s not the sun spots, or the alignment of the planets. It’s not climate change or evil corporations. It’s not tree-hugging hippies or hipsters. It’s not the motorcycle gangs or the homosexuals, black, whites, or not even (dare I say it) ISIS’s or Islam’s fault.

As Christians, it’s our fault. Your fault. My fault.

We failed and we are suffering the consequences of our actions.