New griddle

Griddle with stir fry veggies- but who cares, right?

Stir fry beef and veggies

Mike bought me a decent griddle with a gift certificate we had for Walmart. I have a nice round frypan that worked okay, if stir-fry wasn’t the main course.

One problem with living in the camper with a large family is the stove is way too small. You have to use larger pots, but they don’t quite fit. So you have to use the smaller pots, but this means more dishes in a small sink.

The griddle holds considerably more than my fry pan and while it is still rather large, it is a lot less combersome than my giant stockpot. It comes apart into three sections, making the entire griddle easier to clean.

Storage on the other hand might be a problem. For now, it resides on my stove. Tonight, I’ve used it for stirfry. Tomorrow it will be eggs and turkey bacon. I will be able to cook at least half of the package of bacon in the oven and eggs for everyone at once!

Or maybe I’ll make pancakes. I can make enough for three people at a time. I hadn’t made pancakes in a while because it would take a an hour to get through everyone, and then everyone wanted seconds. It would be a couple of hours before I was able to clean up and get started on other chores.

The real test will be in a week, when I’ve had a chance to use it – and I will be using it al lot. Since I don’t have a place to put it, it will stay on the stove for a while.

Note: I was not paid by Zojirushi or by Walmart. The gift certificate (code) was leftover from my damage phone insurance. They didn’t have the phone, I got a cheaper and nicer one, the leftover funds we used for the griddle and misc. groceries.