(Not so) Affordable Health Care act

healthcare plansSo much for the “Affordable” in “Affordable care Act”.  Even with subsidies, it’s $512.29/month. NOT affordable. Mike *was* paying $300 for all of us through his employer.

FYI:  I  had to get this info from thehealthsherpa.com. A website made by 3 twenty-year-olds. Since most people STILL can’t get past the glitches, I figured I would try this site out.  Keep in mind that this is an informative site only, but it is VERY informative.

News link that prompted this mini-rant: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2497637/Three-20-year-old-programmers-build-working-Obamacare-website-just-days-government-do.html