Notebook Paper

Free Wrinkled Lined Blank Notebook Paper High Resolution Creative Commons (8077064004) Mike sent me this interesting story about a Teacher who needed some notebook paper.

Essentially, her husband didn’t want to go out for just a package of notebook paper, especially since she only wanted a few sheets.

The solution? Use his web design talent to make a printable notebook paper. Easy, right?

My father commented once, “People work hard to be lazy.”

A lot of it has to do with the fact that we either overestimate our abilities, or we underestimates the amount of problems that can happen with our “shortcut.”

Sometimes, we are so lazy, we don’t bother to even think that our way may be more work, because we think we know better.

Case-in-point: When I worked at Lowes, once upon a time, what seems like a gazillion years ago, I had to stock some product in the lawn an garden center. Some were plants, but it was mostly miscellaneous items like fittings, plant pot base protectors, those promotional items hanging on a strip, etc. A lot of little items scattered throughout the greenhouse and outside.

I waited until it was slow, grabbed about three carts and left two where I was about to work. Then I took the third one with me. I stacked it fairly high with a few large boxes and a bunch of small boxes. This took a good 10 minutes at a fast pace as there were a lot of small boxes.

I brought the cart and parked it next to one of my staging areas. Both of the other carts were untouched, one being within 5 feet of me. The demand for these carts are high, as they’re the only things that can fit in some of the narrower isles. I had to work quickly.

Not so fast (heh)! A customer, within minutes of me opening the first box, got my attention and we both went to the area that she was having a problem with. Even though it wasn’t that busy, I was still stopped many times on my way back to my stock. Very typical in a place like this, and is something that makes the day go by fast.

After I finally catch a break to work on stock, I found my cart missing and ALL of the boxes neatly stacked by the shelf… The cart that  was only a few feet from where I left it was still there. So wasn’t the other one. As a matter of fact, I counted 7 empty carts around the garden center.

Now someone was either being a prick, or they honestly thought it would have been easier to take my cart… even though it must have taken 20-30 minutes stacking everything onto the floor neatly.

I’ve already been in retail long enough to figure that the person who did that was probably too self absorbed to be a prick and probably too stuck in their own world to just look off to the side to see the other cart. They essentially worked very hard to be lazy.

A co-worker once remarked when she was questioned about her seemingly inefficient method, “What?! But I like doing it the hard way!”

We all laughed and agreed that we all like doing everything the “hard way.”