Our Next Goal to get Ahead

37 Carver St, Brandon, VT

37 Carver St, Brandon, VT House for sale

We need to sell our house.

The problem is, the people who have looked at it are in VT and are not exactly committed to buying a house. They look. They hem and haw, then they decide that maybe next year.

The people who are really looking to move to Vermont are those ready to retire or to find a home that they feel inspired to paint.

There are a lot of art galleries here.

The other group of people who will be willing to buy our house are “snow birds” or people looking for a summer home. Actually, our house is ideal for a summer home. It’s literally right down the road from town.

So my target “market,” are people who live in California, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Lower New York (like NYC, Manhattan, etc). In a few days, I’ll have a single page “ad” for the house.

In the meantime, for those of you who are friends with me on Facebook in these state, if you could share this link: http://on.trulia.com/2c42Bq4, that would help a lot!

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