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Sassy and Carter's Hug N Tug Baby Toys Recalled

Sassy and Carter’s Hug N Tug Baby Toys Recalled (Photo credit: USCPSC)

I’ve always been extremely independent. I’ve always prepared for the worse (and hoped for the best, of course) and if I couldn’t get it on my own, I just did without or offer a trade for something i cannot “do without”. It’s not that I don’t accept gifts (I do appreciate them when they are given), it’s just that I simply don’t ask for any without having something to give in return.  Personal preference.

It’s also why I don’t usually use registries. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think less of anyone who signs up to these as I can also see the convenience in using this.  As a matter of fact, when other people have an event, I’m probably the first to check the registry (if I have money to spare). It does save a lot of calling and annoyances for the people on the giving end and ending up with 20 toasters at a wedding or mounds of baby clothes that only half get worn at least once.

My sister called me today followed by my mother who insisted that I should have a registry, mainly because they don’t know what to tell people who call them. Of course, the only things that I have mentioned that I wanted is what my sister had to offer, as she was getting rid of her baby stuff.

Considering that I do have family all over the US, perhaps having a registry is a good idea. So I  picked out two registries: and Baby “R” Us. I put some things in it that I mostly need. Although the only items that are an absolute must have are the stroller, car seat and of course, receiving blankets. With all five kids, I found that you can never have enough receiving blankets as there are a ton of uses.

If anyone is considering getting something other than what is listed, think small and portable. I won’t get into too many details at the moment, but since my husband no longer has a steady paycheck, we are now considering other options.

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