Revamping my Focus

I’ve been focusing on updating the MOMETEK site recently and kind of neglecting my other sites. My problem is that I haven’t been focusing on any one thing lately and as a result, nothing is getting done, or it’s only done as “good enough”.

What made this more difficult, is the fact that for a couple of weeks, we had to share the antennae. This meant for most of the day, I couldn’t get online. If I managed to link with my internal Wi-Fi, the internet was unstable and very slow (think dialup).

I was lucky enough to load Google+.

Anyway, while I still will be posting here to let family and friends know what I’m up to, Nancie’s Web will be neglected as I finish the objectives with MOMETEK… as in finishing the new landing page and the new monthly guide for April.

Once that’s all set up, I will have my Personal site set up – again. This time instead of using flash, using CSS to accomplish roughly the same thing.

Hopefully, after that, I can finally focus on this WordPress template. I’m still not to crazy about it as I have found better ones, but the better ones require more “tweaking”.

This also means that I may not be able to post videos for a couple more days. Again.

I do have a lot to do online and a limited amount of time daily to do it. Here’s hoping for me to get my act together.


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