Sign In Required

I used to get annoyed with yet another site that requires me to log in to their site in order to post a comment.

After logging into my account to 96 links on how to make money, Nike knockoffs, and the like, Now I understand why.

Here’s a few things I’m hoping for:

  1. I’ll add more ways to log in (like Facebook, Google+, etc, etc), in the meantime feel free to comment only on the social sites that you see this post on. Since this is a personal/family blog, I don’t expect many legit comments anyway.
  2. The morons will get a real job or do something actually useful (go write a book or something).
  3. No one really clicks on these links. If you do, you are just encouraging them. Yeah, I mean do NOT *click* on the links. They have trackback bots that keep an eye on things. If they see clicks from your site even from the dashboard, they will send more spam.
  4. This will be the last post on spam on THIS blog. I may do a full post on MOMETEK’s Guide on how to deal with spammers in the near future.

To the spammers: Thanks for all of the links I will be blocking from the router (when we have our own internet again). Anyone who signs on will not be able to have access to these sites.

If it weren’t illegal, I would give the links to some hackers to DDOS. These people don’t deserve to be on the internet.