Since January 1st

Talk about busy. I guess the beginning of each year is always busy. I’ve been working on some websites which includes learning and relearning new modules for Mods.

And then there are the new activities the kids join. LTC is in a few months and they are already training now.

Ethan’s schedule has shifted as well. He’s almost two and has skipped a nap twice. Instead he’s been going to sleep at 7:00P.M. and waking up after 8:00A.M. in the morning.

Not complaining, but I do lose an hour of quiet time during the day. However, I do gain an extra hour at night. It will just take a little time to adjust.

Anyway, I will make a better attempt to blog more often,  although it will probably be more like microblogging. I still will be blogging from my phone. This post took forever.