Something I must say.

I’ve debated whether to put this on here or on Facebook, but since people view this as a family issue, here goes. Just let me get my flame suit on first…

After Roe V. Wade, Abortion rates (percentages to pregnancies) has gone down. As a matter of fact, unwanted pregnancies have gone down as well. In spite of (ahem) in-depth sexual education, more kids are now opting to wait to have sex.

The point is, the law does not dictate morality. It never has. Just because something is illegal, doesn’t mean that the nation is moral. The Pharisees followed the moral law to the letter, and yet, Jesus gave them the hardest time. Morality is internal. You cannot outlaw morality nor can you enforce it. You can only encourage others to be moral. How? By setting the example.

Keep in mind Jesus did not insist that governments MUST have laws against immoral behavior, even though gay relationships were common in Rome (usually between the roman men and their servants). Instead, he just taught his disciples to teach and to be servants — as in set the example and teach those who are willing to do the same — Just like we are supposed to be doing.

Kingdoms (and governments) will come and go. The US will fall. It’s the natural order of things. God’s kingdom (a.k.a. the kingdom of heaven) will never fail. Choose this day who you are truly a citizen of. The one you don’t choose, consider yourself as someone who has a work visa. Keep in mind, You will only last as long as your government of choice does.