We got a package in the mail yesterday from my Mother-in-Law and it was full of T-Shirts.

I manage to get a few photos, but the shirts might come in handy for a new header pic. If I can get the photos on a plain background, it shouldn’t be that hard to edit. The next time I go shopping, I’ll see if we can pick up some poster board. More pics to come.

I keep saying that we are going to put the X-Box outside, but then one of the neighbor kids would play whenever he felt like it - even while we were still sleeping.

Benjamin Playing the Xbox







It's the reader's Digest. The kids actually fight on who gets to read it first.

Michala Reading







It took three tries for this "candid" shot. Poor kid, takes after her mother. Candid shots always have my eyes closed or mouth half open. I swear it's genetic!

Sarah is getting some Yogurt from the fridge