Dust settles

Keyboard I use with my phone

Omoton Bluetooth Keyboard

Now that the dust settled (somewhat) and we got into a routine of things, I will be posting more. I do have a few Gs of data per month, and I’ll be using them to post more on my blog.

No, I won’t be on Facebook, much. While the app and messenger are horrendous data hogs, the website isn’t much better. I suspect it’s the large images and ads, but I blow through a lot of data when I’m on there.

Take heart, I will be on when we go to the library, although I use that opportunity to post to my story blog (here, if anyone is interested). However my time is limited so even though I do check my notifications and stalk a few friends, I still won’t be posting there much. 

It will still be crazy for the next few weeks as Mike starts working tomorrow. Financially, we are still very tight, but with someone helping with the house payments (thanks, Jon) and the fact that we no longer have a car or camper payment, we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Back to Blogging

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged last. The combination of taking care of the new baby (he’s now three months), organizing the camper, packing, and then cooking and cleaning up has been making it difficult to find time to blog. What makes it more difficult is the internet that I’m using is a little flaky. My parent’s internet is meant for a TV, a Computer, and maybe another device at the same time. I don’t use my computer for internet until after 9pm when I’m sure my parents are in bed. By then, I’m a little tired and just watch my Hulu queue on low quality.


Well, the amount of work hasn’t changed much, but I have been able to be more efficient. I should be posting a little more often, but the posts will be a bit short as my time is still limited.