Goals: Meal Planning (part 2)

MealsInOneNoteIn my last post, I’ve talked about meal planning. Well, at the last minute on Sunday, I manage to get a meal list done using Microsoft One Note. I like using One Note because it allows me to create an object for each meal.

This allows me to move objects or a text group around the page (you can see the “Saturday” group highlighted). When I start meal planning for the rest of the day (aside from just lunch), it will be easier to change around meals to the appropriate days.

You are probably wondering why Saturday is still empty. It’s because Saturday is the experiment day, where I try a new meal. If the kids like it, then it replaces another meal during the week to add some variety. It not only allows me some creative opportunity (or a day to get rid of leftovers), it also allows an opportunity for the girls to try something new, as they like to cook.

DSC00250The girls enjoy cooking and baking, especially when they get to pick out the meals themselves. Having a defined day, will not only make it easier for the girls to get a chance in the kitchen, but it will probably make cleanup a little easier, as the time it takes to plan a meal will be take out of the equation.

Today, I will inquire of the girls on what they want to make on Saturday with one caveat: They have to pick from one of the grain-free books that I have or from thefoodee.com. That should keep them busy all day.


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Goals: Meal Planning (part 1)

English: Raw vegetables and dips

English: Raw vegetables and dips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my last post, I had talked about goals vs. resolutions. At the end of the post, I’ve mentioned that I seemed to have lost a size.  However, not planning my meals had made it difficult. On the days that I’m tired or I’ve had a rough morning, it’s so much easier to just boil some pasta or eat some random item in the fridge. So now, starting next week, I will be planning my meals.

Breakfast and dinner may be a little more random, and I will just plan lunches. As it turns out, since Mike goes to bed at 3:00pm, our biggest meal is lunch and I usually make a very light dinner for the kids and myself.  Perhaps after getting into a routine of making meals as planned, I will also work on breakfast and dinner.

To make things a little more efficient, I will only plan six meals, one for each day, and each day will have an assigned meal, except one. For example, for every Monday will be “meal x” and every Tuesday will be “meal y” and so on. Saturday would be a good day to have the experimental day, where I try a new meal on the kids. If they really like it, then I can use it to replace a meal that the kids are getting bored of or aren’t too crazy about.

Sunday, we usually eat somewhere else, so I have designated Sundays to be a day off from the stricter diet, but I will still have to avoid any food that triggers my allergies. On the rare occasion that we don’t eat at my parent’s house or at church, I’ll just have to scratch something up. Maybe I’ll consider precooking some meals and putting them into the freezer for those days.

With all that said, now I have to figure out what to make. I bet there are thousands of recipe sites to choose from and on each site, thousands of recipes.

Here’s one site that seems interesting, especially since I have decided to lean towards more of a paleo diet as I can no longer eat gluten and I have cut back on sugar. Thefoodie.com is a community-based site in where the members add their recipes. The best part is that you can make your shopping list by adding recipes to a “shopping cart”. So, after you have planned for a week, you can print out a list of what you will need.

The food listed looks really, really good. Perhaps I should have waited until I’ve had something to eat before looking at this site. I’ve already added quite a few recipes to my favorites.

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Resolution vs. Goals


Fruits (Photo credit: PamelaVWhite)

Well, I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year. There seems to be some unwritten law that all resolutions must be broken and it also seems that everyone follows that law. Goals, although sound exactly the same way (e.g. “I will lose 40 pounds by spring”), goals seem to be more attainable.

It’s funny how our mind plays tricks on us.

Anyway, making a resolution to lose weight is a bad idea for me, now. Losing weight while pregnant is not recommended, at least not unless it’s an extreme case.

However, working to better health is. Actually, most practitioners recommend a diet change, when pregnant, although I’ve heard some stories of some doctors insisting on milkshakes and junk food to someone who was a bit underweight. I’ll leave my opinion out of that one.

So, I’m working on improving my health, with care of course. I don’t intend on eating less than I need, since I’m not just eating for myself, but for the baby as well, but I do intend on (and have been) eating a lot less food high in sugar.

I have to admit, I was kind of forced into this “health kick” as it seems that higher carb foods seem to trigger a few reactions. The first one is a psoriasis attack on the back of my hands (wheat is the worse offender) and the other is high blood pressure, depending on how much high carb foods I eat.  This includes “gluten free” items like corn flakes and rice.

I have been mostly limiting these foods to just small amounts and only if I already had some protein. The cravings are hard to beat, so having a little does help keep me from going crazy. Of course, there’s also the convenience factor, as it is easier to pour a bowl of cereal than it is to cook some eggs or steak.

I do feel like I’m eating a lot.  I haven’t kept track of the calorie count, but certainly don’t feel like I’m starving. Interestingly enough, I had to buy more maternity pants. The ones that I had purchased about a month ago are now too big.

I’m keeping the larger size, it won’t be long before my stomach will be able to hold them up.

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