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Now that the dust settled (somewhat) and we got into a routine of things, I will be posting more. I do have a few Gs of data per month, and I’ll be using them to post more on my blog.

No, I won’t be on Facebook, much. While the app and messenger are horrendous data hogs, the website isn’t much better. I suspect it’s the large images and ads, but I blow through a lot of data when I’m on there.

Take heart, I will be on when we go to the library, although I use that opportunity to post to my story blog (here, if anyone is interested). However my time is limited so even though I do check my notifications and stalk a few friends, I still won’t be posting there much. 

It will still be crazy for the next few weeks as Mike starts working tomorrow. Financially, we are still very tight, but with someone helping with the house payments (thanks, Jon) and the fact that we no longer have a car or camper payment, we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dear Facebook


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Dear Facebook,

No, I will not download and install the bandwidth and productivity hog “Facebook Messenger.” The only games that are installed on my phone are for Ethan to play. I try to keep my phone for utility purposes only. I will not be glued to my phone 24/7 – just to see what someone has to say to me. That’s what texting is for – and I don’t even do that much.

I cannot entirely quit because no on else will move elsewhere with me and it is one of the few connections I have with friends and family. It looks like I may only be on FB on my laptop. Unfortunately, This means once a week only.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Sorry Leo, but I understand your complaint now.  I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that it’s a glitch on their end. At least that is what it appears to be. I’ll be following my advice and clear my cache… etc, etc. If the problem persists, it’s likely I won’t be on FB much.

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The Final Straw

English: Picture of notebook screen with Faceb...

English: Picture of notebook screen with Facebook and Firefox. Česky: Fotka notebooku s otevřeným Facebook v prohlížeči Firefox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook finally did it. I’ve dealt with enough glitches and this one was one too many. I’m usually a patient person, but there are some things I cannot stand.

For those of you who have seen my mini rant, (and for those who missed it but got to see this), I’m done with Facebook.  I’ll be on in a few days to start the process of deleting my account.

It isn’t just about the glitches as it takes a lot for me to finally give up on a company, in particularly one that has a lot of potential and can be quite useful. It’s the easily hijacked accounts, the censorship, and the uneasy feeling that too many websites require too much info from Facebook when you sign in.

The fact that you can’t have a pseudonym to sign onto other sites drives me crazy. I don’t troll people (as some would assume that would be why someone wouldn’t want to be known), but it would be nice if my entire name didn’t appear on every single post.

In fact, “Nancie” would suffice for me, but there are many people, who aren’t comfortable with using their full name, posting some common sense on a controversial site. Controversial sites are notorious for people who completely go berserk when someone disagrees with them.  If you have never been on a Controversial site, just go read some news sites on some controversial stories.

Keep in mind; this is not limited to only one side of the controversy. I’ve seen crazies on both sides of the fence – as well as those who stand ON the fence or want to eliminate the fence altogether. There are times you do not want the link to your Facebook account visible.

Then there are the glitches. Under normal circumstances, glitches aren’t that troublesome. They’re more like a pebble in your sandal. If you are having a decent day, you just shake it out and move on. If you have had a rotten day, chances are, if you curse, that would be the time you would probably eliminate all non-offensive words from your vocabulary. You would probably consider swearing off Sandals altogether.

Well, I’ve been “glitched” into finally abandoning Facebook. For some reason, I could not close the Facebook tab.  Facebook is the only time I have the problem. I know it doesn’t seem much (pebble in a sandal), but other problems have been occurring that has been grating on my nerves. Besides the privacy issue I had mentioned above, I have a problem on how they handle changes, as countless of times I had to reset my privacy settings to exclude a certain group of people from some personal information, only to give up as they’ll probably find a way to get it anyway.

Just a FYI: Don’t be too paranoid if you think you were part of “a certain group of people”.  The “certain group of people” was just a group I would put random new friends in, at least until I was sure that they weren’t trolls.  No matter, I no longer have that policy.

Then some people I know had been deny access to their own Facebook page – for posting their opinion. While I hold libertarian philosophies, including the right to do what you want with your own property, I also have a right to object to such things. Facebook technically has a right to censor what anyone posts and to delete your account without any notice. I also have a right to not to do business with them.

Actually, because of the fact that the censorship was happening and they decided to claim your property as their own (Facebook has changed the ownership policy, I think), I had already started to limit my time and what I post on there.

The glitch finally put the last nail in that coffin.

So now, my communication is here. If you want to know what is happening in my life, this is where to check. I will be blogging more frequently and I will have the kids join in from time to time.

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