I finally found the Secret to weight loss

Feet_on_scaleGet sick. Yes, it’s that easy. Become so ill that you don’t feel like cooking anything for yourself and would prefer to sleep. I lost almost 10 pounds and dropped a size!

If that isn’t enough, cough drops have a tendency to make food unappetizing. Unless you LIKE your steak to have menthol overtones (blech).

So there you have it. As long as I’m careful enough not to gain all that weight back when I feel better.

(Not so) Affordable Health Care act

healthcare plansSo much for the “Affordable” in “Affordable care Act”.  Even with subsidies, it’s $512.29/month. NOT affordable. Mike *was* paying $300 for all of us through his employer.

FYI:  I  had to get this info from thehealthsherpa.com. A website made by 3 twenty-year-olds. Since most people STILL can’t get past the glitches, I figured I would try this site out.  Keep in mind that this is an informative site only, but it is VERY informative.

News link that prompted this mini-rant: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2497637/Three-20-year-old-programmers-build-working-Obamacare-website-just-days-government-do.html

Psoriasis CEASE!

M2U01050(1)I had another (small) psoriasis attack. I suspect it’s the pasteurized dairy as it had given me problems before so I did some research to find the balm that worked so well last time. It’s around $100 and it’s worth every penny.

Note: No one paid me to post this. I just like it that much. You can get it here: http://www.psoriacease.com. In the meantime, I’m going to miss my cream in my coffee, the yogurt, cheese, butter… *sigh*

Midwife Trip

English: A sleeping male baby with his arm ext...

English: A sleeping male baby with his arm extended (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I went to the midwife yesterday.  Nothing was really out of the ordinary. The baby is fine, but breached, at least at the moment, but it’s too early to worry about it. She suggested some exercises that would help get the baby to turn as well as a site to check out called Spinningbabies.com.


One of advantage of having a midwife and a home birth is the cost (there are a million other advantages as well, but I can get into that later). At the moment, Mike doesn’t have a steady income, so this is important. If I can stay out of the hospital, we can pay cash if we had too – and it’s less than the deductible of both our previous insurance deductible and the one provided by the state.


I will most definitely be doing the exercises – and probably spending a little more for abdominal massage to help the baby turn. However, I won’t know if it’s necessary until our next appointment.  The exercises are just to help keep the uterus and muscles aligned so that there’s enough room for the baby to turn. I also understand that the massage is also to help with alignment.


I have another appointment on the 26th. Instead of the usual 4 weeks, she decided to cut it one week short to time it with the time of my pregnancy. After that, it will be every two weeks until term. Yup, it’s that close. 11 more weeks to go.


So much to do, so little time.



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Resolution vs. Goals


Fruits (Photo credit: PamelaVWhite)

Well, I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year. There seems to be some unwritten law that all resolutions must be broken and it also seems that everyone follows that law. Goals, although sound exactly the same way (e.g. “I will lose 40 pounds by spring”), goals seem to be more attainable.

It’s funny how our mind plays tricks on us.

Anyway, making a resolution to lose weight is a bad idea for me, now. Losing weight while pregnant is not recommended, at least not unless it’s an extreme case.

However, working to better health is. Actually, most practitioners recommend a diet change, when pregnant, although I’ve heard some stories of some doctors insisting on milkshakes and junk food to someone who was a bit underweight. I’ll leave my opinion out of that one.

So, I’m working on improving my health, with care of course. I don’t intend on eating less than I need, since I’m not just eating for myself, but for the baby as well, but I do intend on (and have been) eating a lot less food high in sugar.

I have to admit, I was kind of forced into this “health kick” as it seems that higher carb foods seem to trigger a few reactions. The first one is a psoriasis attack on the back of my hands (wheat is the worse offender) and the other is high blood pressure, depending on how much high carb foods I eat.  This includes “gluten free” items like corn flakes and rice.

I have been mostly limiting these foods to just small amounts and only if I already had some protein. The cravings are hard to beat, so having a little does help keep me from going crazy. Of course, there’s also the convenience factor, as it is easier to pour a bowl of cereal than it is to cook some eggs or steak.

I do feel like I’m eating a lot.  I haven’t kept track of the calorie count, but certainly don’t feel like I’m starving. Interestingly enough, I had to buy more maternity pants. The ones that I had purchased about a month ago are now too big.

I’m keeping the larger size, it won’t be long before my stomach will be able to hold them up.

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It’s Mere Hours Until 2013

LEGO smiley -- scared by pitr (/user-detail/pitr)PANIC!

Talk about procrastinating. We have changed the spare room into a walk-in pantry.  The problem is that it used to be a storage room. I had planned to either find a permanent place or eliminate the items that came from that room by the end of the year.

I’m about 10% done. Tomorrow is the last day of the year.  Yikes!

Well, I won’t be babysitting for the next couple of days, so I know what I will be doing all day… besides setting up my desk (more on that in a future post), and editing a montage video of 2012, finishing the design of this blog, and of course the normal stuff like cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and keeping the kids from killing each other.

To say that I will be busy tomorrow, is an understatement. I don’t think I’ll be visiting any social sites, at least not tomorrow. News sites are also out of the question, but I guess I’ll live one day being ignorant on what the rest of the world is doing.

Perhaps sleep shouldn’t be an option either.


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