Brief glimpse of being internet-less

I was supposed to be learning Android studio. Unfortunately, it needs some updates and we don’t have internet. So I was supposed to update it last Thursday and I made many attempts to get it working. It wasn’t until we had to go home that I discovered that I needed to run the SDK manager as an administrator.

Yes, I do have an admin account and no, not all programs are automatically given admin rights. Security, or something like that.

I made an attempt today to get it done, but Mike had another meeting, so I didn’t really have someone that Ethan listens to and he didn’t want anything to do with his tablet.

Mike suggested that I go tomorrow by myself. I just might do that. If this doesn’t work out, I may offer the neighbor to pay for half of his for a month so that I can finally fix this.

Mike doesn’t want to commit to a service yet, because we are leaving for VT in about 9 weeks. We don’t know how long we will be staying. If we stay for a month, that would be a month of service we would be paying for that we wouldn’t use.

So we don’t have internet yet… If it weren’t for the data plan that we have, I would go crazy.

Okay, okay… Crazier.

Internet, Y U NO work?

Internet, Y U no WorkOkay, this is frustrating. As I type this, nothing is loading. At the moment, I’m using Windows Live writer which allows me to save offline so that eventually, I will be able to post this. As soon as Mike gets a job, I’m going to give everyone on my contact list a call to use up my minutes, then I’m switching to Boost Mobile. Some internet, no matter how slow it is, is better than none, and right now, I have none. Of course, when this is posted, it just means there was just enough of a connection to get some lines of text through.


Soon Cat and BirdI know my blogging is sporadic. At the moment, I am still focused on updating my website. The good news, the internet has been a little better lately and I finally got most of the new design up. It still needs work, but it’s nice to have something accomplished.  It won’t be long before I start to post more frequently. What’s more, I’m setting the kids up on their sites as well, so you will be seeing more of them.

I am working hard at getting everything up and running by January 1st, as I start video blogging then.