Give us our Daily Bread… to stock up on?

Sunday Class Notes

Sunday Class Notes Taken This Morning, Sorry about my handwriting.

Today’s Sunday Class was interesting, it’s too bad class was short. We got hung up on “give us our daily bread part”.

I’m somewhat of a survivalist. I was on of those y2k nuts, at least until I was sure that companies did heed the warning and hired plenty of programmers to solve the problem.

One comment that got us talking was that there was only so much you can prepare for, but sometimes the inevitable happens. Then what?

Praying for your daily bread is probably all that you can do and trust God will provide it.

Note: There’s something to be said about being prepared. Mike had his savings and I had bought in bulk, allowing us to stockpile a little. It all came in handy when Mike wasn’t working anymore. However, I believe God had a hand in it. Mike was able to pick up random work that allowed us to pay our rent, and the current job that he has now came in the nick of time.

I still have a hard time letting go. It’s not that I should sit back and be lazy. It’s just that our funding (and space) is limited. I’m doing all that I can to NOT buy in quantities that would make the local food pantry jealous, or fret on the fact that we have no property to live off of in Texas, and trust that God will provide.

Good News!

Actually, it’s double good news. The first, even with out a job, we have been able to cut our expenses enough to last until February.

The second, it does seem that that Mike will have a job. Out of all of the interviews, this one seems the most promising. Because this company is expanding rapidly, they need someone who’s adaptable and has many talents. Of course it does help that one of the company’s biggest clients happen to be owned by my husband’s nephew.

We really won’t know for sure until Friday, but if it’s a done deal, it’s a new steady income and it’s still close to Athens.