Age Old Problem

Laundry equipment within a room

Laundry equipment within a room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had been trying to get the laundry room organized for quite some time. The problem is that the room is just off the kitchen and out of sight (as the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”). So I will work on it for a while, then forget about it when something a little more important comes up. Of course, something always comes up and today was no exception.

This morning, I set up Mike’s blog (I’ll wait until he actually posts something on it before linking). Then I decided to hunt for names for a web project that I had percolating for a while and learn a little more about Modx, which is a content management system (CMS) for websites. There’s a huge learning curve involved, so it’s taking me longer than I had hoped.

It seems that I’m trying to cram 4 years of college in a few weeks.

I have been taking a few videos of the ongoing project. So eventually, I’ll have my first video ready – soon. Perhaps as soon as Friday…

That is if something else doesn’t come up.

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Crazy Week

Fired red stamp

Fired red stamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been so focused on my husband’s website, that I have lost track of time. I didn’t realize it’s been so long since my last post and so much has happened that I don’t know where to start… So, here goes:

A couple of weeks ago, my husband was fired from his job. I won’t go into too many details, but by the sounds of it, it won’t be long before this particular plant will shut down and the jobs move elsewhere. My husband had been complaining for a while now on the incompetent managers, and of course, I’m sure the incompetent managers didn’t like him at all. The fact of the matter is, incompetent people do not like the competent, because it reminds them how terrible they really are. So, when he finally made a mistake, they were all too eager to get rid of him.

It’s interesting to note, my husband is now happier and more motivated than he was. Granted, it will be extremely tight for the next few months as we both find ways to make money at home, but it’s nice to see him not spending most of his non-working, awake time reading Fark and political forums. Instead, he has been spending more time with the kids, which makes the kids happier.

My husband is currently a licensed Master Electrician in VT. While he’s not sure if he wants to make this his permanent profession, any work that brings in cash is good work. So, as I have said before, I’m working on his website, so it would be easy for someone to look him up.  Later, there will be more to the site. At the time of this posting, there’s only a homepage and a contact page (which also contains the towns that he will be servicing). We’ve talked about having weekly content published and move towards more of an informational site, rather than continue with the trade. We are not sure yet, but I’ve added the “Articles” mod and now I have to learn how to use it. Because there are so many interruptions in life with five kids and two dogs, it’s taking much longer than it should.

So, now, even with the future uncertain, I am still optimistic. I never see what most would consider “bad luck” to actually be bad. I’ve learned a while ago that anything bad happens is a learning opportunity. Interestingly enough, I seem to be more productive on the computer than I have been when we were certain that we would have a paycheck next week. Perhaps, this is God’s way of giving us the “kick in the pants” that we needed to start focusing on being better.




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Things are looking up!

English: Picture of a canon video camera.

English: Picture of a canon video camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, now that I had fixed my laptop (it runs like new), finish the church site’s design, and learned more about MODx and CSS 3, I can finally resume posting on a more frequent basis. Or can I?

It has been a good week. Usually, when I get into a new endeavor, like learning a new platform (MODx) and designing a site, I can’t seem to keep up with the housework. This time, however, I have not only been able to keep up with the housework, I managed to work on a few organizational projects.

For some, “baby brain” is a nuisance. For me, aside from the occasional vocabulary mishap, it has been more of a blessing. The only pregnancy I seem to have trouble with was when I was pregnant with Benjamin, but then again, Stephanie was only a baby when I was pregnant with him. I suspect that I was more tired than having trouble with “baby brain”. I All other pregnancies, I seem to do quite well, including this one.

Well, even though the church site design is finished, I do have a lot more to do.  For one, I need to add a few more pages. I also need to work on my own website and prep it for a video blog.

Yes, you read right. I plan to do a video blog again. It was the whole point of setting up this WordPress page in the first place. WordPress does seem to have the best apps and most blogging programs (like writer) seem to work best with it.

Who knows, I may be able to start tomorrow.

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