Today has been one of the most obnoxious days I’ve had in a while. First, my phone quits. I figured that some firmware update messed something up and I had to pull the battery to reset it. This has happened before. No problem, right?

I open the back, only to find the inside wet. How on earth did water get in there? Or was it baby spit? Ethan did get a hold of it earlier that day, and I thought I had grabbed it from him before he decided to taste test it.

Oh, well, I left it open and battery out until I was sure it was dry, and put it back together. It now works. Unfortunately, it was too late to make the phone calls I had planned on, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

I took plenty of videos today but due to internet problems the last few days, I hadn’t posted any dailies. I put my SD card in and decided that the card was filling to fast. I’ve been meaning to turn down the resolution as YouTube only needs 720p.

So I turn on Sarah’s Camera that I was borrowing and…


All that conscience effort of being extra careful seemed to be not enough. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how that happened. The phone, it was probably baby spit, but this? The only time this could have happened was when one of the kids had moved it on me. I don’t know, maybe tapped it against the table or something.

The camera works, but there’s no way I can change the settings now and it’s going to be difficult to see if I’m actually getting my target into the frame.

I’m not going to borrow Michala’s camera because I’m afraid that I might have the electronic touch of death at the moment. Hopefully it’s not permanent.

So far, my laptop still works. Thank God.


p>Maybe I should just go Amish.

What to do When your Luck is bad

Picture of the Sony HCR-HC3E Handycam, Front. ...

Picture of the Sony HCR-HC3E Handycam, Front. I took it using a Fujifilm FinePix S9500 (see the EXIF in the image). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m about to launch my video blog. I’m so excited, got the first minute of recording…

…And my camera dies. My Sony Handycam seemed to have bit the dust . It served me well, recording hundred of hours memories and failed blog attempts because I’m just too much of a perfectionist, at least when it comes to video editing. There’s always something that isn’t right.

However, it taught me more in its death than it’s life. I should have been less of a perfectionist.

That said, not all is lost. I told Sarah that there was good news and bad news. The good news, she just got herself a new 32GB SD card. The bad news: Most of the videos that go on it will probably be mine.

Unlike my Sony, the Fujifilm camera only can take 10 minute shots and the sound quality isn’t as good, but the videos are relatively the same size. I will still post a video tonight, but you’ll see (and hear) the difference, I’m sure.

I’ve edited the website: and added a donation button. I need a camera so I won’t be using Sarah’s all the time. It’ll be a start.

I’ll be changing the current video player to a YouTube player. Expect today’s daily up soon.

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My Plans

Tonight I finally finish the new header for my blog, which will also show up on my Facebook and YouTube page. Tomorrow I add a video page to my WordPress. I will still be using YouTube for videos temporarily but I may just host everything on my own server, only using YouTube for montages and shorts.

This means that for the next few days, I won’t be posting much, not on my blog or on Facebook. sorry.