Revamping my Focus

I’ve been focusing on updating the MOMETEK site recently and kind of neglecting my other sites. My problem is that I haven’t been focusing on any one thing lately and as a result, nothing is getting done, or it’s only done as “good enough”.

What made this more difficult, is the fact that for a couple of weeks, we had to share the antennae. This meant for most of the day, I couldn’t get online. If I managed to link with my internal Wi-Fi, the internet was unstable and very slow (think dialup).

I was lucky enough to load Google+.

Anyway, while I still will be posting here to let family and friends know what I’m up to, Nancie’s Web will be neglected as I finish the objectives with MOMETEK… as in finishing the new landing page and the new monthly guide for April.

Once that’s all set up, I will have my Personal site set up – again. This time instead of using flash, using CSS to accomplish roughly the same thing.

Hopefully, after that, I can finally focus on this WordPress template. I’m still not to crazy about it as I have found better ones, but the better ones require more “tweaking”.

This also means that I may not be able to post videos for a couple more days. Again.

I do have a lot to do online and a limited amount of time daily to do it. Here’s hoping for me to get my act together.


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When School Is Out

Right now, the internet is slow – again. The RV park isn’t half full. What am I going to do when school is out?

I have been working on ways to make money online. I opened a new CafePress account for my Tech Blog, although it’s been more about Web Design lately. The problem is trying to upload the images. Apparently, if there’s any issue with the packets sent over the network, CafePress ignores it and I have to try again.

I’m sure I’m trying to do too much at once. It’s not helping. I’ve been wanting to start video blogging, but since my camera broke, I kind of lost interest. Don’t worry, I have a new one on the way, but it’s not going to be here until the end of March.

I do have my web cam, but I’m not interested in making a “sit down” blog. Just talking about my life isn’t as interesting as actually showing it.

I have my tech blog, and like I said, lately it’s been on software and web design. Until I have money to buy products to review,  the product review posts will be sparse.  Although, I have considered reviewing products that I’ve had for a while, after all, we all want to know how it holds out normal, everyday use.


p>I have a lot more to type about, but this post is already too long.