The First Monday

I honestly thought today was the first day of school for the two oldest. Mike had been working hard the school’s wiring and earned enough credits to put Nathan and Michala through the second semester for free.

They got dressed and we made it there on time, only to find the lot empty. Mike texted the admin and sure enough, they start tomorrow.

It was a good practice run, anyway. We know it can be done.

Mike is home tonight and will be off tomorrow as well, so he will be taking them to school for the next two days.

This morning it was 29 degrees. Sure enough, around 9 or so, the water was shut off. There was a pipe burst in the park from the cold. The original owner of this park wasn’t thinking too far ahead. Or maybe he was and thought that we would all be frying by now from global warming. Either way, he think to insulate the pipes.

Fortunately, We still have water in our back-up tank for flushing toilets and washing hands. I had already made my coffee and the coffee water tank was full. My water bottles were also full. There were a few water bottles in the freezer for the kids. So, we were set for drinking water. Always be prepared!

It took about three hours before the water was turned on.

Mike was late this morning. He was stuck in traffic after a prolonged meeting on something that was entirely out of his control. How on earth these people have jobs so high up is beyond me.

The toilet pedal broke a few hours ago… just after all the RV part stores closed. I put an order for a replacement on Amazon. The only shipping available is free standard. So the parts might come in in two days, or two weeks.

I plan on calling the parts store tomorrow anyway. If they have one on stock, we’ll have an extra in case something goes wrong – again. Keep in mind that we are probably the farthest from the shower houses. I guess I’ll be getting the much needed exercise this week. Not interested in having one of my kids blamed for vandalism that is probably being caused by the people supposedly witnessed my kids doing it (I won’t get into that at the moment, too long of a story), I’ll be making about 20 trips a day.

Each trip taking 10-20 minutes hunting for shoes, making sure that everyone has to go, only to have to go back again, but NOW someone else, who didn’t have to go, has to go. Anyone who has been on a car trip, will understand that one.


And it’s the first one of the year.