The last leg (When Vacations Go Wrong finale)

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I wasn’t looking forward to driving. Not that I was complaining. After all, I was driving something that I wouldn’t normally buy: a Chrysler Town and Country Van. I can at least pretend to be rich.

U-Haul, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Chrysler Town and Country van.

The rental and the U-Haul. Ethan was playing with his “kitty”.

Mike was going to drive the U-Haul, and I get to drive the rental. We told Nathan and Michala that if there were few stops, we may be able to make it to Vermont before midnight.

I was hopeful that since we weren’t pulling a camper anymore, that we would be there sooner.

The good news, the drive was without incident. Ethan still handled himself pretty well and slept most of the way. Unfortunately, there were a lot more stops than planned, so it was very late when we stopped in New York for the night. What’s more, Americade beat us to it, so there were no more rooms available.

So stopped at a gas station and I picked up a strong large coffee (supposedly with more caffeine than normal coffee). I wanted to make sure I was going to stay awake for the next few hours.

We finally made it to my mother’s house around 1:00am on Sunday. We didn’t want to wake them (in hindsight I’m sure the dogs certainly did), so we stayed in the car and finished our night there. I slept in the passenger side, Nathan slept in the back, and Michala and Mike slept in the U-Haul.

It was the longest four days I experienced in recent memory. However, it is just the beginning of rebuilding, pretty much from scratch.


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  1. YES !! Thank God You had SAFE TRAVELS, WE hated to go off an Leave all of YOU but for Sure YOU did not need US there to Baby set With.. AS daddy was not feeling Well at ALL.. SO WE knew we had to Head Back to IL. !!
    YES My HEART goes out to ALL of YOU as YES Like STARTING Over For All of YOU.. GOD IS GREAT an He will WORK with All OF YOU.. GOD is Still your CO-PILOT..

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