The Trip so Far


From Wikimedia Commons

I thought I would be able to just blog while in the air, or perhaps just before we go to bed, but since I lacked sleep and I seemed to have a stomach bug, or it could have been anxiety. Whatever the cause, I slept, or visited the porcelain throne (or steel, if you count the plane). I certainly wasn’t very coherent, considering the fact that I didn’t get more than 4 hours of sleep the previous night.

I seem to have recovered from that ordeal and now I can finally type a full sentence without dosing off. Of course, that is, if I could type a coherent sentence at all.

We spent today getting to know Athens. Of course, until 3:00pm we really didn’t have a choice, as we couldn’t check into a hotel until then. We manage to find a Church to visit tomorrow, and a decent steakhouse called Ole West Steakhouse. If you ever visit Athens, you might want to stop by there for dinner sometime.

We had to stop at the local Walmart to pick up a new GPS as we forgot the one that we were *supposed* to bring with us. Since the hotel in Athens has a fridge, we also picked up a few groceries. It’s a bit expensive to eat out for every meal every day.

I did call my kids today. It’s odd to talk to them on the phone, as I never had to do it before. I don’t think I’ve been without all of my kids for more than a day. Michala, Nathan, and Sarah have all gone to camp, but the two youngest have always been there.

I have to set up Skype. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to sign on to my old account. I think I had made the account under a different user name to keep it private. It’s been so long since I’ve used Skype that I forgot my username. I don’t usually chat live anymore and if I leave it on, people automatically assume that I’m at my laptop 24/7 and try to chat. I leave my laptop on, as it is also my calendar and information center.

However, I would like to chat with all of my kids, and it will save on my phone minutes as I only have a “pay-as-you-go” phone. At the rate I’m going, I probably will be out of minutes by Tuesday.