I’m going to keep this simple as possible.

Comments are moderated. This means that I get to read what you post before it shows up. As a result, I can censor certain, not-so-family-friendly words, and completely block spammers who post a bunch of gibberish in hopes of getting a few free hits to their website. However, a useful and informative comment relative to the post for free hits is definitely welcomed here.

Comment Moderation Follows these rules.

  1. Links in the comments that have nothing to do with the post will be marked as spam.
  2. Comments that have nothing to do with the post will be marked as spam.
  3. Links on comments that connect to porn, or any adult-related sites will be marked as spam.
  4. Links to videos that are related, but are not family friendly will be edited. I’m going to assume that you meant well, but I will keep this site family friendly.
  5. Website links listed in your information that contain porn or adult related content will be deleted.

That’s about all that I can think of. Use common sense, be respectful, think family friendly, and I won’t have to add to the rules.

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