Two days of Chaos


Plane taking off

Plane taking off (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Two more days and my husband and I will be off to Texas to look at houses and jobs. I’m not exactly looking forward to this. For one, I have a slight phobia of flying, Second, being pregnant, I do not look forward to the security scrutiny that I may have to go through. It didn’t help that I browsed YouTube just before making this post.


To minimize the trouble, (and to travel light), we had decided not to bring toothpaste, lotion, or any other liquid. I’m even going as far as to not bring my water bottles and just pay the crazy price after the security checkpoint.  When we get to Athens, we’ll stop at Wal-Mart and pick up a gallon of water from the dispenser as well as all the other goodies we decide not to take.


We also took care to make sure that the hotel has a coin-operated (mini) Laundromat so our clothes will also be limited. I think we will be able to fit all of our clothes in a small bag, with the help of some Ziploc Bags (more on that in the next post).


We will be dropping my kids off at my Sister’s house, but the dogs are supposed to be picked up by my Aunt and grandmother. My sister is concerned about her dog and Togo as they didn’t get along the last time they met. Unfortunately, I’ve tried a few times and I hadn’t been able to get ahold of my Aunt.  Tomorrow is probably my last chance; otherwise, I’ll have to figure something else out.


We will have our neighbor keep an eye on the house while we are gone as well as take care of any packages that won’t be put on hold by the postal service.


Tomorrow we will be gone some of the day as I have a midwife appointment to check on the position of the baby. Then we have to do shopping to buy some traveling supplies and some clothes for the kids.


We leave Friday. There is so much to do in so little time


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