Voting time!


What a busy evening.

Mike traded his day with someone else so that he could work on an electrical job. A little extra cash for groceries never hurt.

Then Nathan and Mike came home (Nathan went with him today to make some extra cash), and we immediately went to vote.

Our district got to vote in a small church (new for me) with these electronic voting machines (also new to me). No more filling in the circles like we used to. I just walked in there, gave them my Driver’s License, got a little slip of paper with a number on it, read the “The voting machines are NOT touch screens” sign, then promptly – touched the “start” button on the screen.

It was one of those days.

Fortunately, it was much quicker than the “other way” and I was out of there pretty quick. We then went to the library so that the kids can enjoy their movie night. I just spent most of the time following Ethan as he walked around the library. I couldn’t get him to sit down for a book or a video on my phone.

The good new is that he only walked around. Other than a few moments, he didn’t touch the books, or yell loudly.

Afterwards, we stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up a pizza. I think all the rain and the cooler weather had made them hungry.