We need to sell our House

House For Sale in Brandon, VT

The house we are trying to sell

We’ve been in financial limbo for the most part because we haven’t been able to sell our house.

A lot has been going on, and we are working to build up from that. Unfortunately, we cannot keep the house, unless we can find some other sort of income.

I have worked on a few ideas, including an app game. Unfortunately, everything is in the beginning stages. My brother tried my game and gave me a few ideas to improve it. So it’s there if you like jump-scares, for 99 cents.

I have a Cafe Press store that I’ve had for a while, but nothing has come of it, yet. Base prices were fairly high. A recent check has shown me that they brought down their prices. I may still pursue that route.

There are other ideas, but since we are in the beginning, but the mortgage is a dead weight to our plans. What’s more, this winter, we will have to heat it and pay utilities to keep it heated.


The first step in solving a problem is to identify it.

I’ve already posted the Zillow link on Facebook with hopes that it might get some exposure. The question now is, how do I get even MORE people to share on Facebook…