We’ve got the Power! (in the end)

GeneratorMost of Athens was out of power this morning, but Church Services went on. They decided to skip classes since most of them had no windows and therefore, no light.

So those who were early, milled about and chatted. Mostly about the storm – the reason why there was no power in the first place.

Winds reached up to 50mph and suddenly switched directions at one point in the night. So we saw a lot of downed old trees, and some missing roofs on our way to church.

At church, they set up a generator (the very one up above) and used it to to power a couple of work lights, a computer, a projector, and a portable sound system. There were candles in areas where the extension cable couldn’t reach, like in the bathrooms.

They later put a large portable floodlight in the nursery. This was good, as Ethan only made it five minutes into the service and he started to become temperamental because he couldn’t run around.

The power came on about halfway through the service. The thing is, it seemed that everyone was enjoying the outage. Something about candles and shared “hardships” (yeah, first world problems… the power went out!) makes people more relaxed and open to each other. Perhaps on occasion, someone should shut the main switch off, like right in the middle of service. That should get interesting.